Guided Tour of 360° Video Highlights


There are beguiling views along the trails found in the “Hiking Scheme”.  We exclusively produced 360-degree videos at the following selected locations, making you feel like you are right there enjoying the stunning vistas. You can move the screen by simply clicking on the up, down, left and right arrows on the top left corner of the screen, or directly click on the video and drag the screen to different positions to admire the stunning views from various points.

C6 Devil's Peak - Tseng Lan Shue 360° Video

A5 Ma On Shan - Ngong Ping - Tai Shui Hang 360° Video

B1 To Tei Wan - Big Wave Bay 360° Video

A12 Lau Shui Heung - Tai Po Tau 360° Video

C1 Wu Kau Tang - Luk Keng 360° Video

D7 Braemar Hill - Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir 360° Video

B4 Tai Au Mun - Hang Hau 360° Video

D8 Hok Tau - Fung Yuen 360° Video

B8 Ham Tin Wan 360° Video

* You must use the latest version of Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge to watch 360° videos.  Please use the latest version of YouTube app to watch 360° videos on mobile devices.