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To facilitate members of the public to plan a hike and have a better understanding of the 44 hiking routes in the “Hiking Scheme”, LCSD has saved the geographical information of these routes, including, among others, the route map, starting point, finishing point and elevation chart in the following “GPX” file. Members of the public can click on the following “GPX” file to import the relevant information and use them as an aid for hiking with smart phones or watches installed with hiking-related app.

A. Nature Routes

A1. Jardine’s Lookout - Quarry Bay
A2. Tsuen Kam Au - Fu Yung Shan
A3. Shing Mun Reservoir - Pai Tau Village
A4. Wu Kau Tang <-> Wu Kau Tang
A5. Ma On Shan - Ngong Ping - Tai Shui Hang
A6. Tsuen King Circuit - Sham Tseng
A7. Wong Nai Tau - Pak Sha Wan
A8. Ma Mei Ha - Luk Keng
A9. Shui Long Wo - Pak Tam Chung
A10. Tung Chung - Tai O
A11. Chuen Lung - Shing Mun Reservoir
A12. Lau Shui Heung - Tai Po Tau
A13. Pak Tam Chung - Tai Mong Tsai

B. Scenery Routes

B1. To Tei Wan - Big Wave Bay
B2. Shek O - Siu Sai Wan
B3. Tai Mei Tuk - Luk Keng
B4. Tai Au Mun - Hang Hau
B5. Uk Tau - Wong Shek - Hoi Ha
B6. Hau Tong Kai - Pak Tam Au
B7. Jardine’s Lookout - Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir
B8. Chui Tung Au - Pak Tam Au
B9. Tai Au Mun - Tai Hang Tun
B10. Wan Chai Gap - Aberdeen Reservoirs
B11. Pak Sha O - Shui Long Wo

C. Heritage Routes

C1. Wu Kau Tang - Luk Keng
C2. Wong Nai Tau - Pak Kong
C3. Tai Au Mun - Tai Miu Au
C4. Wong Nai Tun - Tai Tong
C5. Wu Tip Shan - Lam Tsuen
C6. Devil's Peak - Tseng Lan Shue
C7. Tsung Tsai Yuen - Wun Yiu
C8. Pok Fu Lam Reservoir - Hong Kong University
C9. Ma On Kong - Tsing Lung Tau

D. Family Routes

D1. Shui Chuen O - Monkey Hill
D2. Wan Chai Gap - Jardine’s Lookout
D3. Monkey Hill - Shing Mun Reservoir
D4. Lok Ma Chau - Ho Sheung Heung
D5. Fu Tei Au - Wo Keng Shan
D6. Kong Ha Au - Luk Keng
D7. Braemar Hill - Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir
D8. Hok Tau - Fung Yuen
D9. Tai Tong - Ho Pui
D10. Tuen Mun-Lam Tei Reservoir - Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery
D11. Shek Mun Kap - Ngong Ping


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