Guidelines for Visits


Guidelines for School Outdoor Learning Activities -
School Guided Visits to Leisure and Cultural Services Department's Facilities

1. Under the following circumstances, school should suspend, cancel or postpone their visit:
  (i) The Bureau announced class suspension of school(s);
  (ii) The Hong Kong Observatory issues Tropical Cyclone Warnings Signal No.3 or above is issued;
  (iii) The Hong Kong Observatory issues Red or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal;
  (iv) The Hong Kong Observatory issues a thunderstorm warning; or
  (v) Air Quality Health Index or its forecast reaches "Serious" level (band 10+).
2. School children can arrive at the designated meeting place 10 minutes in advance to the scheduled time.
3. School children may continue their activities at the visited venues (except nurseries) after the guided visits if the venue warrants.
4. For visiting the venues, the number of school children per session ranges from 20 to 45. They should be accompanied by at least 2 staff members of school during the visits. For visiting the facilities of Hong Kong Park, the number of school children per session ranges from 20 to 35 (including two persons in charge).
5. Schools should be responsible for their own transport arrangement.
6. Use of loudspeakers is not allowed to avoid causing disturbance to the visitors and other animals in the parks.
7. School children are encouraged to bring their own drinks in containers and keep the venues clean.
8. School children should not chase around or make excessive noises.
9. Participating schools should refer to all relevant regulations as laid down in school circulars in conjunction with the latest “Guidelines on Outdoor Activities” issued by the Education Bureau before the visits. Teachers should brief school children on the objectives of the activities and the regulations and guidelines to be observed.
10. If the guided visit is required to be cancelled by the urgent matter of school, please contact the staff of the respective venue as soon as possible.
11. School children should wear appropriate clothing to protect them against exposure to sunlight in extreme hot weather and to keep warm in cold weather. They should bring caps, rain gear, mosquito repellent and sunblock.
12. If Pupils feel unwell, they should stop the activity and notify the teacher and official or park management staff.