Chinese Culture Promotion Office logo

Idea of logo design

"Hua" - In ancient script, it is synonymous with "flower" and conveys the meaning of beauty. The logo features a vermilion column as the stem and lush green bracket sets as the petals, showcasing the broad and profound Chinese culture.

The "column" is a structural element of traditional Chinese timber architecture, enabling structures to be imposing and majestic. It symbolises the enduring and long-standing heritage of Chinese culture, with the capacity to bear the weight and embody a unique resilience and vitality.

The "bracket sets"(dougong) are distinctive structural components of traditional Chinese timber structures. The multi-layered and complex composition of "dou" (blocks) and "gong" (arms) demonstrates both strength and aesthetics in structure. It not only allows the eaves to extend outward but also directs the weight down to the column, connoting the inclusive nature of Chinese culture that embraces diversity and harmony in its beauty.

The character "Zhong" is centrally placed within "Hua," with the logo's symmetry and order symbolising the traditional Chinese philosophy of harmony and balance.

The red and green in the logo, a common colour combination in China, encapsulates the vivid and ever-thriving spirit of Chinese culture.