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Art Form Panels

Upon the recommendation made in the Committee on Performing Arts Recommendation Report (I), a Programme and Development Committee (PDC) supported by six Art Form Panels (AFP) was established.

The Programme and Development Committee (PDC) and Art Form Panels (AFP) are tasked to advise LCSD on the strategies of performing arts programmes (locals, Mainland and overseas), formulate structured and sustainable strategies in identifying and supporting the development of budding and small-scale performing arts groups.

(Term of office is until 31 October 2018)

Art Form Panels Members (in alphabetical order)
Music Panel Mr. TAM Wing-pong, SBS (Chairperson)
Mr. CHOW Wing-shing, BBS, MBE, JP
Prof. KWOK Ka-tak, Gabriel, MH
Mr. LIO Kuok-man
Mr. NG Cheuk-yin
Dr. WU Mei-loc, Mary
Prof. XU Lingzi
Prof. YANG Hon-lun, Helan
Dance and Multi-Arts Panel Ms. Stella LAU (Chairperson)
Ms. Pewan CHOW
Mr. LAU Tin-ming
Dr. LO Wai-luk
Ms. Estella TONG
Mr. WONG Ting-lam, Andy
Mr. YANG Yun-tao
Ms. YIP Wing-sie, BBS, JP
Theatre Panel Mr. CHAN Kin-bun, MH (Chairperson)
Mr. Leon KO, MH
Mr. LEE Kwok-wai, Weigo
Ms. LO Koon-lan
Prof. LUI Yu-hon, MH
Prof. MAN Kit-wah, Eva
Ms. SO Yuk-wah
Chinese Traditional Performing
Arts Panel
Dr. YEUNG Wai-shing, Frankie, BBS, MH, JP (Chairperson)
Prof. HUA Wei
Mr. LIU Kwok-sum
Prof. LI Siu-leung
Ms. LO Wai-lan
Mr. MO Yu-tin
Mr. TSANG Man-tung
Ms. WONG Shui-kwan
Community Panel Prof. Gilbert C.F. FONG (Chairperson)
Mr. CHANG Thomp-kwan
Dr. CHOW Yiu-fai
Ms. Nancy LOO, MH
Mr. SETO Yok, MH
Mr. TSANG Kee-kung, MH
Dr. TANG Lok-yin
Mr. Daniel YEUNG
Festivals Panel Mr. KUNG Chi-shing (Chairperson)
Dr. CHAN Kar-yan, Shelby
Ms. Bonni CHAN
Mr. Yuri NG
Ms. Lily POON
Mr. TAM Siu-man, Paul
Mr. WU Hoi-fai