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Audience Building Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department is responsible for organizing audience-building activities. It aims at enhancing the community's knowledge and appreciation of the arts through the organization of different schemes.

Audience-building Schemes

Audience-building Schemes currently organized by the Department include:

(a) Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme
(b)  Community Oral History Theatre Project
(c)  School Culture Day Scheme
(d)  School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme
(e)  Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students
(f)  Performing Arts Appreciation Project for Secondary Students
(g)  General Education in Arts Programme for Tertiary Students
(h)  Let's Enjoy Cantonese Opera in Bamboo Theatre

Submission of Proposals

Submission of Proposals

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department is open to suggestions for collaboration in audience-building activities with cultural organizations and education institutions. Proposals for the School Culture Day Scheme, School Performing Arts in Practice Scheme, Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students, Performing Arts Appreciation Project for Secondary Students, General Education in Arts Programme for Tertiary Students and Let’s Enjoy Cantonese Opera in Bamboo Theatre are requested to reach the Audience Building Office at least 9 months prior to the commencement of the academic year aimed for launching the proposed projects. Invitations for proposals for the Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme will be publicized openly.

A proposal should include: past records of the activities organized by the arts group/artist; relevant experience of the organizers/artists/instructors/relevant collaboration organizations; contents of the proposed programme/ project activity including artistic concepts, target audience, date, venue, budget with breakdown as well as implementation plan. After receiving complete details, it would take about 3 to 4 months to process the proposal concerned depending on the schemes being applied.

Criteria for Selection

Proposals are assessed according to the following criteria:

(a) the idea, originality, artistic value, appeal, feasibility, educational value and potential for audience building of the programme, as well as whether the budget is reasonable;
(b) artistic merit of past programmes organized by the applicant;
(c) the applicant's ability to communicate with the public and organize the proposed event;
(d) whether the programme can meet the needs of the target audience in the community.

Assessment of the proposals is made at the Programme Meetings of the Audience Building Office and recommendations will be submitted to the Art Form Panel on Community for comments. Expert Advisers of the relevant art form will be consulted when need arises.

Sponsored Activities

The Department welcomes proposals from non-profit making performing arts organizations and education institutions for using civic centres to promote and popularize arts education activities such as school drama festival/ dance festival/ music festival/ inter-school events. Collaboration may take the form of sponsored programmes, i.e., the Department offers free use of venue and ticketing service, while the sponsored organization is responsible for all expenses related to the activities and take the box-office proceeds.


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