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Art Form Sub-committee

The Programme and Development Committee (PDC) and its six Art Form Sub-committees (AFSCs) advise the Leisure and Cultural Services Department on programme strategies, plans, resource allocations and the support of budding and small-scale performing arts groups.

Term of office is from 1 November 2022 to 31 October 2024

Art Form Sub-committees Members (in alphabetical order)
Music Chairperson
Prof. POON Ming-lun, Johnny

Mr. CHIU Tsang-hei

Co-opted Members
Dr. CHEUNG Man-yui, Kitty
Ms. CHEUNG Wai-ching, Rachel
Ms. KWONG Lai-ling, Louise
Mr. LAI Kin-kwan, Calvin
Ms. LEE Ka-ling, Colleen
Ms. LO Yee-kwan, Anna
Dr. WONG Chuen-fung
Prof. YUEN Miu-fun, Nancy
Dance and Multi-Arts Chairperson
Mr. TSANG Man-tung

Ms. LAI Yin-ting, Icy

Co-opted Members
Ms. CHU King-oi, Daisy
Ms. CHUNG Kun-yee, Enid
Ms. FUNG Mei-wah, May
Dr. LAI Chi-fu, William
Dr. LAI Chiu-han, Linda
Mr. WONG Dick-man, Dominic
Mr. YU Yan-wah, Jacky
Theatre Chairperson
Mr. CHANG Thomp-kwan, Terence

Ms. CHEUNG Kwok-wing, Margaret

Co-opted Members
Mr. CHAN Yik-kei, Jacky
Mr. CHEUNG Kwok-wing, Leo
Mr. LAI Yu-man, Maurice
Mr. LO Yee-king, Kingston
Mr. MA Chun-wai, Steven
Mr. POON Chan-leung
Mr. YIM Lai-hang, Johnny
Chinese Traditional Performing
Mr. SETO Yok, MH

Mr. TAM Wing-pong, SBS

Co-opted Members
Mr. IP Sai-hung
Ms. LEUNG Sum-yee, Angel
Ms. LI Pui-yan, Eliza
Prof. LUI Yu-hon, MH
Mr. NG Lap-hei
Ms. PAU Suk-hang, Susan
Dr. POON Po-chiu
Ms. TANG Mi-ling
Community Chairperson
Prof. AU Wing-tung, Winton

Ms. CHEUNG Zee-yin, Amanda

Co-opted Members
Dr. AU Yi-man
Dr. CHAN Kar-yan, Shelby
Mr. HO Lik-ko, Nick
Ms. KWOK Kit-ling, Monica
Mr. MA Wai-him
Mr. WONG Kin-wang, Kevin
Ms. WONG Tin-yee
Festivals Chairperson
Ms. LAU Yin-ling, Stella

Mr. Hanjin TAN

Co-opted Members
Mr. CHAN Wing-chuen
Ms. CHOW Pui-wan, Pewan
Mr. CHUNG Yik-ki, Kyle
Mr. IP Yuk-yiu
Mr. KO Sai-tseung, Leon, MH
Mr. LIO Kuok-man, JP
Ms. MA Sze-nga, Alice
Mr. WONG Chun-tat, Ata