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The Wild, Wild Rose
The Wild, Wild Rose
Dir: Wong Tin-lam
Scr: Qin Yifu (aka Nellie Chin Yu)
Prod Co: MP & GI
Cast: Grace Chang, Chang Yang, Dolly Soo Fung, Wang Lai

1960 / B&W / 35mm / Mandarin / 134min

Grace Chang here is at her best as she shuns her wholesome, well-established screen persona, going literally wild to play a sultry temptress with yet a heart of gold. What started off as a flirtatious affair between the singer nicknamed Wild Rose and the piano lizard has turned into serious romance, and the man takes a downward spiral into alcoholism, imprisonment, and finally a murderous consequence. Director Wong Tin-lam's vivid mise-en-scène, the tight script and memorable characters penned by Nellie Chin Yu, the evocative music by Yao Min and Hattori Ryoichi, together with the crack cast result in a musical noir which bears witness to a great movie studio in its prime. The Wild, Wild Rose is unmistakably one of the best films in the history of Hong Kong Cinema. 

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21/2/2016 (Sun) 7:30 pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive


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