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The Alchemist Café & Bistro

The Alchemist Café & Bistro
The Alchemist Café & Bistro is a Hong Kong based coffee shop, founded in October 2012. The café has developed into different cultural themed branches, promoting the culture of travel, music, creative design and social responsibility. Arousing public interest in culture and infusing into daily life.

In 2016, the café has opened a new concept branch in the Tsuen Wan Town Hall, bringing a whole new experience to customers by crossover coffee with second-hand books.

While storage is expensive in Hong Kong because of the limited space, old books are often piled up at home. We wonder how we can revitalise the power of them and how they can be passed on to the next reader. In fact, every book, to each who has not read it, can cause a great impact.

To make a change, we create this book recycling platform and send the books to the next reader since we believe that reading can heal a person, move a person and change a person.

The Alchemist Café & Bistro

Opening Hours 11:30am - 10:00pm (daily)
(Last order : 9:30pm)     


Enquiries (852) 2887 3290
Address Foyer, Tsuen Wan Town Hall