Performing Arts Fun Day 2024 @Tsuen Wan Town Hall

Performing Arts Fun Day 2024

The Performing Arts Fun Day 2024 presents a gala of dazzling top-notch performing arts programmes with music, dance, drama, contemporary circus and more by talented local young artists. Join us and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of performing arts on Sunday, 2 June 2024!

2.6.2024 (Sun) 2pm-5:15pm
Free Admission

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Auditorium – Core Programme

(Suitable for ages 3 and above)
Admission ticket is not required for Auditorium programmes. Limited seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis.


Home Coming 2.0 by Boonfaysau

Welcome to our home, where we will present a diverse a cappella arrangement of different styles of both original and arranged works, demonstrating the versatility and energy of a cappella music. Let’s enjoy a unique experience of sheer human voices!

Soprano Wong Hei-man, Wu Kar-yiu Stephanie
Mezzo-soprano Vivian Ng
Alto Ng Lok-man
Tenor Au Tak-ho
Baritone Wong Man-ching Andrew
Bass Ng Long-sum Samuel
Vocal Percussionist Siu Wing-ue

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Kung-Fu Contemporary Dance and Cirrus

No Dragon No Lion by TS Crew

Embark on a journey of discovery and transformation of the idea of a unique brotherhood in humanity as part of the Asian culture. A unique performance showcasing the essence of the traditional form of performing arts and blended with martial arts, trickings, parkour, capoeira, dance and live beatboxing. This made in Hong Kong kung-fu contemporary dance and circus, No Dragon No Lion, received the Asian Arts Award for Best Show from Asian Art Fund Scotland at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022.

Artistic Director/ Choreographer: Cho Tak-po
Co-choreographer: Ng Chung-wai
Producer: Lo Kwan-leong Andy
Rehearsal Master: To Chi-sing
Devising Performers: To Chi-sing, Lau Kai-ho, Lui Hak-man, Tsoi Ka-king
Performers: Wong Sin-ki, Chan Wang-lok, Wong Chi-chung, Tang Chi-hang
Lighting Designer/ Stage Manager: Lai Wing-shan
Project Coordinator/ Deputy Stage Manager: Lam Chi-wai Fefe


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The Gallants by Class 7A Drama Group

Time to explore the world of classical literature and learn how to become a hero!

The word Xia (hero) often conjures up the global superheroes of today. But did you know that such courageous Xia Ke (knights) have long existed in Chinese literature as well?! How do you become such a knight? By helping the needy and fighting for justice? By mastering martial arts and not submitting to aggression? In fact, it is gallant conduct such as bravery and being righteous that matters most to a knight.

Artistic Director/Playwright: Leung Shing-him (yatyau)
Director: Sit Hoi-fai
Set/Costume Designer: Yuen Yuk-ying Shybil
Composer/Sound Designer: Lai Chi-yung
Lighting Designer: Chan Pui-yee
Performers: Ben So, Chan Wing-shuen, Tam Tsz-ling, Yuen On-ting


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La P en V Innovative Dance Platform


Serendipity, an abstract, predetermined tie in any relationship like those “predestined to be friends or to love” in Chinese culture, nurtures the encounter, be it in experiences or human relationships. The choreographer’s wish is for “serendipity with dance” to manifest itself as a timeless relationship, like an everlasting flow of love in dance.

Déjà vu

A voice flashed by in my dream, a feeling of déjà vu, is it real or just fantasy? Have you heard of it?

Naked Soul

Withering leaves scattered all over, and snowflakes swirling in the sky like hovering over the naked soul - what a heart-purifying experience…

Artistic Director/ Choreographer: Chong Chan-po
Producer/ Assistant Choreographer: Tam Yuk-fong Vivian
Lighting Designer: Chan Pui-yee Claudia
Composer/ Sound designer: Cheung Siu-hung Ben
Stage Manager: Yau Shek-kin
Deputy Stage Manager: Tang Wing-ki Vickie
Videographer: Tsoi Wang-yu Dennis
Performers: HUI Hiu-ying, Chan Yuk-hang Hannah, Cheung Hiu-sang, Lau Cheuk-yi, Lam Pui-sze, Man Lim-chi, Lui Cheuk-ying Jocasta, Lee Lok-yee Ally, Kar Yuen-lam and 12 company dancers


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*The duration of each performance at Auditorium is around 45 mins. (Duration is for reference only, the length of each live performance may vary)


Fun Day 2024

Cultural Activities Hall — Fringe Activities*


(Suitable for ages 3 and above)
Admission by ticket with free seating. Limited seats available on a first-come-first-served basis.

2pm-2:45pm     Count-In Music          Count-in Music Limited  Count-in Music Limited


Hong Kong Youth Jazz Collective — Jazz Appreciation Concert

The Hong Kong Youth Jazz Collective, from one of the venue partners, will delight the audience with a variety of jazz music genres, including Swing, Bossa Nova and Latin. During the concert, Lui Ngao-yuen, the band’s founder, will introduce the audience to the world of jazz with guided appreciation, while the young musicians will share the joy of learning about and playing jazz music.  Repertoire includes:

- L-O-V-E
- Someday My Prince Will Come
- So Nice
- Merry-Go-Round of Life
Moderator Lui Ngao-yuen
Vocal Leung Yiu-chun
Bass Liu Man-shun
Saxophone Chau Yong-kang
Piano Lei Chan-seng
Guitar Chuk Tsan-sum
Drums Wong Kwun-hang

Lullaby of Birdland
- Bossa Antiqua
Route 66
- Sunny
Moderator Lui Ngao-yuen
Vocal Ip Tak-huen
Bass Ng Hoi-kei, Lee Long-sing
Saxophone Chow Marco Hin-yue
Piano Tam Ka-yu, Tang Hoi-lam
Guitar Mak Tsz-yeung
Drums Tony Sze

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Jazz Appreciation Concert


4pm-5pm     Zenneth KOK


Digitalised Visual Magic and Mind Reading Performance
In Your Sight, In Your Mind

Digital magic incorporates videos, animations, screens and other digital equipment into the performance of tricks, opening the door to a whole new world of creative ways of presentation beyond the confines of traditional magic. Mentalist magic relies on the magician’s knowledge of mind reading, telepathy, precognition, mathematics and more to accurately predict audience behaviours and invite viewers to think actively and make choices. Fusing these two distinctive styles of magic performance rarely seen in Hong Kong, “In Your Sight, In Your Mind” offers an out-of-this-world journey into magic and allow the audience to enjoy the marvel of magic both visually and mentally.

About the Artist

In Your Sight, In Your Mind


Fun Day 2024


Exhibition Gallery — Fringe Activities*


(Suitable for ages 3 and above)
Admission by ticket with free seating. Limited seats available on a first-come-first-served basis.

2:15pm-3:30pm     Ming Ri Institute For Arts Education      Ming Ri Institute For Arts Education ltd.   Ming Ri Institute For Arts Education ltd.


Interactive Theatre Journey to the West*

Based on Journey to the West, a classic Chinese novel, this theatre tells the story of a master and his three disciples travelling to the West (India) in quest of the Buddhist scriptures and saving the common people along the way. The journey is full of challenges, such as the Bull Demon King, Princess Iron-Fan, spider spirits and the Mountain of Flames. The different personalities of the master and his disciples also play a part in the course of the expedition. Although there are more than 15 characters in the drama, they will only be played by four professional actors, who will also use puppets to give a lively and thrilling performance.

*with post-performance workshop

Director Wong Tim-keung
Producer Tang Yim-lan
Performers Leung Man-wing, Chan Kin-man, Woo Chung-sing
and Pong Chun-hang
Workshop Tutor Li Kit-sum

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Interactive Theatre




*Arrangements for Fringe Activities (Cultural Activities Hall and Exhibition Gallery)

  • Admission by ticket with free seating. Limited places available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Tickets will be distributed at the Foyer of Tsuen Wan Town Hall from 12 noon on the day of the activity.
  • Each person is allowed up to two tickets for each activity.
  • Reserved places will be allocated to others if the ticket holders fail to show up within 10 minutes after the activities have started.
  • In the event of any dispute regarding ticket distribution and seating arrangements, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s decision shall be final and conclusive.

The presenter reserves the right to change the programmes or substitute artists. The content of programmes does not represent the views of the Lesiure and Cultural Services Department.

Programme Enquiry: 2414 0144