Spring-Time Experimental Theatre and Glory Chinese Opera Institute

Spring-Time Experimental Theatre

Spring-Time Experimental Theatre, established in 1999, aiming at gathering new generation of professional stage producers (spanning from creative arts, performing arts and design) to produce professional and high-quality theatre plays.

The company actively engages in exploring and cultivating new potential directors, scriptwriters, actors, stage designers and administrators to join, especially graduates from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Apart from local original productions, non-mainstream experimental theatre productions and overseas productions are also introduced. In addition to elevating future theatre leaders, the company hopes that more different form of arts can be found.

Besides, by cultivating teenage audiences and promoting drama education, the company is working towards expanding the culture of theatre production. The company was also invited to participate in the programme “A Journey on Learning the Arts for Senior Secondary Students” organised by Education Bureau (EDB).

Coming programmes

The Musical: Three Little Pigs Teresa - The Musical Harmony Reunion - The Musical Queen of The Marketplace - The Musical

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Spring-Time Experiemental Theatre
Tel: 2793 1123
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Glory Chinese Opera Institute

The company is dedicated to advocate, promote and educate the culture of Cantonese opera and operatic songs, by assembling enthusiasts of Cantonese opera and operatic song for studies and exchange of this culture. The company organises and participates in different events to share views and enhance the knowledge of this form of art. Through public performance, senior actors and raising stars share the stage to ensure the continuity of the great culture of Cantonese opera.

Established in 2018, Glory Chinese Opera Institute is dedicated to the advocacy, promotion and development of Cantonese opera. Through public performances organised by Glory, seasoned masters and budding artists join hands to deliver the Cantonese opera performances which are well received by the members of the public. By these efforts, the arts group succeeds in achieving the aim of preserving the traditional arts. 

Coming programmes

Upcoming programmes to be announced

Programme Enquiries
Telephone: 2357 9316
Internet Booking: www.urbtix.hk


For more details, please refer to the individual programme leaflet or other promotional materials.

The presenter reserves the right to change the programme(s) or artist(s) should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.