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Since its inauguration on 29 May 1987, the Tuen Mun Town Hall has focused on developing into a cross-district cultural venue. In the past 35 years, the Town Hall has been offering various kinds of performing arts services to residents of the New Territories West. The four-storey main building houses a 1 368-seat auditorium, a 290-seat cultural activities hall, a 370-square-meter exhibition gallery, as well as a music studio, a dance studio, a conference room, 2 lecture rooms and 3 practice rooms. The two-storey adjacent building serves as an ancillary restaurant, providing one-stop performing arts and catering services to the public.

Equipped with high-end stage facilities, the Town Hall caters for various types and scales of performing arts activities. Throughout the years, Tuen Mun Town Hall has staged numerous performances of renowned local and visiting artists and performing companies, and has witnessed the evolvement of various district arts groups. The high-quality performances of the current Venue Partners - Spring-Time Experimental Theatre and Glory Chinese Opera Institute, and POP Theatre continue to bring new elements to the development of the performing arts.

In the days to come, Tuen Mun Town Hall will continue to promote quality performing arts and move forward with Tuen Muners towards a vibrant future.



Exhibition Arts Tuen-gather 35 Finished Exhibition Arts Tuen-gather 35
Exhibition Arts Tuen-gather 35 
3.5 - 6.6.2022
9am - 8pm
Exhibition Gallery, Tuen Mun Town Hall
Free Admission