Outdoor Facilities


Lookout Tower –
enjoy the panoramic view of the park

Lookout Tower

Visitors can also go up the lookout tower to enjoy the panoramic view of the Tsuen Wan Park and the surroundings.

Artificial Waterfall –
hear the echo of nature

Artificial Waterfall

In the park, visitors can see the spectacular scenery of the artificial lake and waterfall.

 Children Cycling Area –
an ideal venue for beginners

Children Cycling Area
The size of the children cycling area with the cycling track is 2,800 meter squares. It provides an ideal venue for children to learn and master the skills and enjoy the fun of cycling.

Children's Play Areas –
children’s paradise

Children's Play Areas
There are different facilities for children at different ages ranging from stand-alone saddle mate to multi-play stations.

 Gateball Court –
gateball is suitable for all ages

Gateball Court
Gateball is suitable for all ages because it is a highly strategic team sport, which can stimulate the mind and strengthen the muscles of limbs. Player will have lots of fun. This facility is free of charge.

Tennis Court –
enables healthy exercise for all

Tennis Court
There are four tennis courts in Tsuen Wan Park, the venues are provided with floodlights for use at night time.

 Central Plaza –
place for cultural performance and recreational

Central Plaza
Central Plaza provides an open area for cultural entertainment and recreational activities.

 Amphitheatre –
place for cultural performance and recreational activities

It is an open-air performance venue with 70 seating capacity where cultural entertainment and recreational activities take place.

 Pet Garden –
a fun place for pets

Pet Garden
There are water point, garden benches, pet latrine and dropping collection bins in Pet Garden.

 Pebble walk trail –
faciltate the blood circulation

Pebble walk trail
Walking on the pebble wak trail can faciltate the blood circulation and alleviate the pain of lower limbs.

 Jogging Trail –
ideal place for running

Jogging Trail
Jogging tracks provide an ideal place for running.

 Fitness Stations –
fitness trainings

Fitness Stations
There are different fitness stations in the park for various fitness trainings.

 Men's and ladies' toilets and accessible toilet

located near Children Play Area in phase I located near Light Refreshment Kiosk located near Service Building
Men's and ladies' toilets and accessible toilet are located near Children Play Area in phase I, Light Refreshment Kiosk and Service Building.

Barrier Free Facilities: Accessible Toilet, Tactile Guide Path, Braille Directory Map/Floor Plan