When mining activities and mountains with a profile that resembles a saddle are mentioned, one will think of Ma On Shan, east of the Sha Tin town centre. However, nowadays, Ma On Shan has developed into a new town full of buildings. In line with the overall development of the Ma On Shan community, the Hong Kong government has planned and constructed various recreation and sports facilities in the Ma On Shan New Town to create a pleasant living environment for local residents.

The Ma On Shan Park, which has a total area of 5.5 hectares and was built at a cost of over $96 million, is one of the major recreational facilities. Located on the shorefront of Tolo Harbour within the town centre, the Park offers a fine distant view of the peaks of Pat Sin Leng. It is a nice place for visitors to enjoy a fantastic view of the sea melting into the sky. Other facilities in the Park include the Ma On Shan mining history display area, a maze garden, a children's playground of novel design, a jogging trail with fitness station for exercise as well as the newly installed pebble walking trail and elderly fitness equipment.