Points to Note and Regulations for the Participants


1. Places will be allocated by ballot given the consistently overwhelming response to the Community Garden Programme (“Programmes”).
2. Successful applicants who have confirmed their participation in the Programme are not eligible to obtain, via ballot(s), a place in the next round of the Programme organised at the same garden or any garden in the same district with the same enrolment period.
3. Places are non-transferable.
4. Children aged 12 or below will be allowed to enter a community garden only if accompanied by an adult.
5. All planting plots are allocated by ballot.  Participants shall not pick a new plot without the consent of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD).
6. Participants may carry out gardening activities in their designated planting plots in the community garden for about 18 weeks and learn how to grow ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables.
7. The community gardens are usually open daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Participants should take note of the opening hours of individual venues.
8. Each participant is issued with one permit and four supplementary permits.  Holders of supplementary permits may accompany the participant to the community garden and take part in gardening activities, but may not take with them any persons.
9. The gardening class consists of 18 sessions of 3 hours each (54 hours in total), which take place on Saturday or Sunday.  The instructor will brief participants on the techniques for growing various plants.  Participants must personally take care of their plants by, among other things, sowing, watering, digging, fertilising, weeding and pest control.  Staff of the LCSD may, subject to resource availability, water the crops for participants who cannot attend a session.
10. The instructor will announce in class any rescheduling arrangements.  No separate notice will be given by the LCSD.
11. Participants shall buy their own materials such as seeds, seedlings and fertilisers, but should do so only after confirming with the instructor that the items they intend to buy are allowed for use.  Participants may take home their harvest.  LCSD staff is entitled to remove a participant’s plants if they cause problems to others or the facilities of the venue.
12. Participants shall not disturb the gardening activities or the plants of others, nor shall they conduct activities unrelated to gardening in the community garden.
13. Participants shall be mindful of their own and others’ safety, and use horticultural tools with care when gardening.  The LCSD shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the participants or other persons in relation to the gardening activities (except where such losses are caused by the negligence of the LCSD).
14. Participants shall not grow any plants that are controlled by the laws of Hong Kong, and shall refrain from using fertilisers that will give off obnoxious smells.  Participants who intend to use agricultural pesticides shall seek prior approval from their instructor.
15. Participants shall comply with the Genetically Modified Organisms (Control of Release) Ordinance and shall not cultivate seeds of unapproved genetically modified crops.  For details, please visit the website of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.
16.   If a planting plot is affected by works of the venue, the LCSD will, as far as practicable, allocate a new plot to the participant(s) concerned.  In case no such arrangement can be made, the LCSD will notify the participant(s) in writing of the cessation of gardening activities two weeks in advance.  The participant(s) concerned will be refunded on a pro rata basis for the remaining sessions but excluding the cost of planting materials on participants’ own expenses.
17. If in case under the unforeseeable or emergency situations causing suspension or cancellation of the programme, the gardening activities should be ceased. LCSD will notify the participant(s) about the arrangement of suspension or cancellation as soon as possible. The participant(s) concerned will be refunded on a pro rata basis for the remaining sessions.  LCSD is not responsible for the gardening materials such as seeds, flower seedlings and fertilizers purchased by participants at their own expense. Participants are not allowed to claim compensation from LCSD due to cancellation of the event.
18. Participants shall remove their plants and other belongings immediately after the conclusion or cancellation of the Programme, or the LCSD will clear the items on their behalf without further notice.
19. Participants shall not remove any soil from the planting plots or any crops used for teaching purposes without the permission of the LCSD.
20. Participants allocated with plots inside an LCSD venue shall also comply with the Pleasure Grounds Regulation made under the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance.
21. Participants shall not conduct any gambling, illegal or immoral activities inside the community gardens.  Smoking, drinking, lighting of fires, cooking, picnicking, and selling of goods, drinks and food are also prohibited in the gardens.
22. Participants shall not store dangerous or inflammable articles, post advertisements, erect structures or cause damage to any facilities within the community gardens.  They may erect on their planting plots a gardening trellis, subject to the height limit specified for the community garden.
23. Participants should keep the community gardens clean and tidy, and put rubbish into specified litter bins at the end of each activity.  Yard waste free from pests and diseases can be disposed of in composting bins or at other specified locations in the venue to facilitate the production of compost for use by participants.
24. Participants shall not carry out gardening activities or leave anything outside their planting plots.  The LCSD is entitled to remove any plants and articles found outside the plots without further notice.
25. Participants shall not conduct any commercial activities in the community gardens.
26. If a Pre-No.8 Special Announcement (an advance notice issued by the Hong Kong Observatory when Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 is expected within two hours) is issued when a gardening class is in progress, the class will continue.  If the Announcement is issued before the class commences, the class will be cancelled.
27. If Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above or the Red/Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued two hours before a gardening class commences, the class will be cancelled.  If the warning signal is cancelled two hours before the class commences, activities at the community gardens will be held as scheduled, venue permitting.  If, for safety or operational reasons, venue staff considers it unsuitable to open the community garden concerned to public use, he may suspend the class at his discretion.  Participants are advised to check with the venue staff or the person in charge of the class to see if the class is suspended, and consider the actual weather and traffic conditions when deciding whether or not to attend the activity.
28. If Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above or the Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued, the community gardens will be temporarily closed.  If, for safety or operational reasons, venue staff considers it unsuitable to open the community garden concerned to public use, he may close it at his discretion.  In case of inclement weather, participants who would like to visit the community garden are advised to check with the venue staff beforehand to see if the garden is open.


Points to note and regulations for the participants

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