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Annex I

Open Space Projects Completed in 2015
Item No. District Project Title Additional Open Space Area (ha)
1 C&W Reprovisioning of Sai Woo Lane Playground 0.02
2 E Construction of Pet Garden adjacent to Fu Hong Street Sitting-out Area 0.09
3 KT District open space adjoining Lower Ngau Tau Kok public housing redevelopment 1.19
4 YL Construction of Football Pitch at Ha Tsuen 0.39
5 KwT Development of Open Space at Tai Ha Street, Kwai Chung 0.10
6 N Construction of Basketball Court in Tong Kung Leng, Sheung Shui 0.10
7 N Tam Shui Hang Village Sitting-out Area 0.05
8 N Sitting-out Area at Hang Tau Village No. 2 0.03
9 TP Provision of a Sitting-out Area in Lo Tsz Tin Tsuen, Tai Po 0.01
10 TP Provision of a Sitting-out Area in Shui Wo Tsuen, Lam Tsuen 0.01
11 TP Provision of a Public Basketball Court at Shuen Wan, Tai Po 0.08
TP Provision of a sitting-out area at Tat Wan Road, Tai Po 0.09
13 TP Provision of a sitting-out area in Sai Keng Tsuen, Shap Sze Heung, Tai Po 0.03
14 ST Mei Lam Sitting-out Area 0.07
15 ST Mei Tin Road Sitting-out Area 0.21
    Total : 2.47