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Green Promotion

Green Ambassador Scheme

Following the recommendations of the urban greening task force, led by the Chief Secretary for the Administration and released in 2009, we have implemented a Green Ambassador (GA) Scheme. Leading members of the community, including LegCo and District Council (DC) members, are invited to serve as GAs and help promote community involvement in the surveillance of trees. By March 2013, over 350 prominent citizens had joined the scheme.

Hong Kong Flower Show 2013

The Hong Kong Flower Show was held successfully at Victoria Park from March 15 to 24, 2013. The show, which gave pride of place to the dendrobium orchid genus this year, attracted about 520 000 people.

Besides accepting cash payment for admission, we continued to accept Octopus payments as a means of reducing queuing times.

The Flower Show had over 350 000 flowering plants on display, including 10 species and cultivars of dendrobium, and exotic flowers and plants from all over the world. The show also featured magnificent floral art displays by horticultural groups from Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas. Participants included over 210 horticultural organisations, private firms and government departments from Hong Kong and the Mainland, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, the Republic of Estonia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

A sea of people and flowers at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2013.

In addition to major attractions such as landscape designs, flower arrangements, and displays of potted plants and bonsai, the show delivered a wide range of educational and entertainment programmes. These included horticultural talks, flower arrangement demonstrations, cooking demonstrations, musical performances, cultural presentations, exhibits, drawing and photo competitions, plant-care workshops, and guided tours, all designed to promote interest in horticulture and the greening of Hong Kong.

Showcasing more than 350 000 flowers and plants, the flower show transformed Victoria Park into a wonderland of colour.

Green HK Campaign

Under the community greening programme, the department organised the Best Landscape Award for Private Property Development 2012 in June to improve the environment of private properties through good landscape design and horticultural maintenance. The award attracted more than 260 entries. In addition, over 140 green promotional and outreach activities were held, with around 41 000 people taking part.

The Best Landscape Award for Private Property Development 2012 attracted more than 260 entries.

Some 3 700 Green Volunteers from the 18 districts were recruited under the Green Volunteer Scheme to carry out simple horticultural maintenance in parks. These volunteers also serve as stewards at green promotional activities. In 2012-13, some 480 greening activities were organised for the Green Volunteers.

The Community Garden Programme, extended to all 18 districts by the end of 2005, encourages the public to participate in community-level greening activities and to adopt green practices in their daily lives. The programme is also designed to raise public awareness of environmental protection issues through gardening activities. The 18 districts now boast 21 community gardens. In 2012-13, 50 gardening courses were organised for more than 10 800 participants.

Green Volunteers showing a passion for nature in planting activities.

The department continued to work with the DCs and local communities to organise Community Planting Days throughout the year. In 22 planting days, involving over 4 900 participants, 92 trees and 26 200 shrubs were planted.

Students supporting the Green Hong Kong Campaign through planting.

The Greening School Subsidy Programme, conducted during the year as part of a school greening programme, provided subsidies of 4.7 million to 889 schools and kindergartens. The money is used to help making school campuses greener and to provide green educational activities for students, with the assistance of part-time instructors. The greening projects were assessed, and the winning schools received a Greening School Project Award. Around 370 000 students were given pots of seedlings to nurture at home or at school under the ‘One Person, One Flower’ Scheme, which develops interest in greening by encouraging them to grow plants.

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