Venue Partnership Scheme


The Venue Partnership Scheme implemented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) at its performing arts venues aims to foster a partnership between the performance venues and performing arts groups/organisations with the objectives of enhancing the artistic image and character of the venue and its partner, enlarging the audience base, optimising usage of facilities, developing venue-based marketing strategies, facilitating arts sponsorship, encouraging community involvement in the development of the arts and promoting the arts in the community.  The three-year Scheme has been fully implemented since 2009/2010.  The 3rd round of the Scheme has been implemented from April 2015 to March 2018.

Under the 3rd round of the Scheme, 20 Venue Partners including individual groups, joint groups and consortia are selected to organise performing arts activities of varied art forms at 12 LCSD's performance venues. Support to the Venue Partners is given in various forms, including priority use of venue facilities, free work stations, enhanced publicity arrangements and part of the funding for organising activities and related production, promotion, staff and administrative costs. Activities organised by Venue Partners cover a variety of stage performances, educational and audience-building activities in various art forms. For more programme information, please visit the website of individual venues.