Cultural Services

Urban Ticketing System (URBTIX)

URBTIX, which was launched in 1984, has become the leading ticketing system in Hong Kong and serves 43 regular performance venues with an aggregate seating capacity of more than 100 000. At present, there are 36 URBTIX ticketing outlets throughout Hong Kong, 15 of which are housed in LCSD cultural venues.

A happy citizen after obtaining tickets from an URBTIX outlet for the Meet-the-Public cum Sports Demonstrations performed by the Mainland Olympic gold medallists on August 30, 2008.

This ticketing system provides a wide range of convenient and reliable ticketing services to both event presenters and the public. Customers are offered the best available seats in real time through multiple ticketing channels, including a wide network of outlets for box office sales in addition to telephone and 24-hour Internet bookings. This bilingual user-friendly system allows customers to choose their preferred seats and obtain event information and seating plans. In 2008-09, URBTIX sold 3.48 million tickets to over 6 900 performances, for a total sales volume of $496 million.
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