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Indoor Stadia

The 12 500-seat Hong Kong Coliseum and 3 500-seat Queen Elizabeth Stadium are two of the largest multi-purpose indoor stadia in Hong Kong. Their flexible stage and seating structures and world-class facilities are perfectly suited to holding international and local activities that range from cultural and entertainment to sporting and celebratory events. In preparation for the Hong Kong 2009 EAG, major improvement works were carried out during the year. The two venues have had an entirely new look and updated facilities and equipment for the Games.

Improvement works on the Hong Kong Coliseum have incorporated a thematic design to give the EAG a coherent identity.

Hong Kong Coliseum

This year's highlights at the Hong Kong Coliseum included concerts by singers Victor Wong and Fish Leong from Malaysia and by Richie Jen, Cheer Chen, Fahrenheit, Liu Chia Chang and SuperBand from Taiwan. Local artists performing at the Coliseum included Joey Yung, Prudence Liew, Shirley Kwan, Lowell Lo, Kelly Chen, Jing Ting, Alan Tam and Hacken Lee, in addition to stand-up comedian Jan Lamb.

Other significant events included the 2008 FIVB World Grand Prix ------- Hong Kong volleyball tournament, the celebration programme of the 100-day countdown to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and a variety show held to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR.

Intense competition between China and Italy during the final tournament of the 2008 FIVB World Grand Prix at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

Altogether, the Coliseum hosted 68 performances that attracted a total audience of 629 000.

Queen Elizabeth Stadium

Queen Elizabeth Stadium played host to a wide variety of events, including popular concerts by Star Reunion and Emi Fujita, orchestral concerts entitled Bravo Broadway Rocks! and Nodame Live! 2 by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, the 2008 Hong Kong Open International DanceSport Championships, the Hong Kong Open Badminton Super Series 2008, the 17th Super Kung Sheung Cup International Basketball Invitation Championship, the 3rd Asian Bench Press Championships 2008, a gymnastics demonstration by the Mainland Olympic gold medallists, an Astronauts' Dialogue with Students and a variety show in celebration of the 59th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Astronauts and other members of the Shenzhou-7 manned space mission delegation discuss their experiences with secondary school students during a dialogue session held at Queen Elizabeth Stadium.

Altogether, the Stadium hosted 177 performances for a total audience of
279 000.
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