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  Film and Video Programmes

The Film Programmes Office focused on the promotion of film and video culture in Hong Kong. The office organised a great variety of film and video programmes, workshops and seminars in 2002, and the programmes were very well-received. They enabled local audiences to appreciate cinematic art from all corners of the world on the one hand, and to experience diversified cultural activities in Hong Kong on the other.

Major events presented in 2002 included:

Thematic Hong Kong Retrospectives curated by the Hong Kong Film Archive, such as Back to Dreamland Cathay Retrospective, Fragrant Screen The Exquisite Fong Yim-fun, A Tribute to Chang Cheh and Hong Kong Cinema and Popular Culture;

Repertory Cinema, a new initiative featured a month-long spectrum of film classics by each of six masters, namely, Francesco Rosi, Jean Renoir, Ingmar Bergman, Werner Herzog, Robert Bresson and R. W. Fassbinder.

Community and Youth Projects to nurture young audiences in film and video appreciation and production, such as: the Family Film Carnival in the summer; Community Film Series held in various civic centres; Experimental Intermedia workshops and talks; the Microwave International Media Art Festival; and U-Videomaker Project.

National Film Programmes, organised with various Consulate-Generals and cultural institutes brought outstanding films and videos from many countries. In 2002, films from Mainland China, India, Egypt, Russia and more than 10 European Union Countries were featured. The collaborations exposed local audience to hundreds of productions which might otherwise not be distributed in Hong Kong through commercial channels.

Audiences also have chances to watch films from many countries through the arrangements of the Film Programme Office.
Audiences also have chances to watch films from many countries through the arrangements of the Film Programme Office.*

Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards

This annual competition, a joint project with the Hong Kong Arts Centre, entered its eighth year in 2002. The scope of activities had been expanded to include a Short Film and Video Festival, showcasing local and Asian short films and videos. The aim of the competition is to encourage creative, non-commercial independent productions of short film and video.

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