Performing Arts Carnival 2023 @Tsuen Wan Town Hall


A Glamorous Convergence of the Arts

The Performing Arts Carnival 2023 presents a diverse range of performing arts programmes by emerging talents from the Schools of Dance, Music, Drama and Chinese Opera of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), and artists from venue partners, local arts groups and district organisations.  The Carnival will tour around five performance venues in the New Territories, with the showcases at the Tsuen Wan Town Hall on Sunday, 5 November 2023.

Auditorium - Core Programme

2pm-5pm      Free Admission


Performers:  The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (School of Drama, School of Music, School of Dance and School of Chinese Opera)

(Suitable for ages 3 and above)
(Admission ticket is not required for Auditorium programmes.  Limited seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis.)


Original Musical Home Sweet Home (Excerpt)

The story revolves around four neighbouring tenants of subdivided units.  Under the same roof, they face their own problems in life while searching for the place called "home".

Music/ Lyrics/ Musical Director Chui Wai-yin Peco
Playwright Cheung Fei-fan
Director Li Wing-hong
Choreographer Chow Wing-sze Seesy
Actors (Inaugural class of the
Acting for Musical Theatre major)
Cheng Hoi-man, Chu Po-ching,
Chung Ho-shun, Leung Ho-yi,
Ngan Hei-yuen, Wai Cheuk-nam, Wong Tsz-yui
Musicians Stanley Cheung, Anson Tang, So Chuen-on

Home Sweet Home


Opera Excerpts from Die Zauberflöte

- Wie? Ihr an diesem Schreckensort?
- Alles fühlt der Liebe Freuden
- Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen
Composer W.A. Mozart
Singers Jason Li, Aaron Kwan, Jenty Leung, Victoria Chen, Sicilia Lin, Liserl Huen, Jeff Chan, Nicole Tse and Lorraine Chan


Opera Excerpts from Le Nozze di Figaro

- Cinque… dieci… Se a caso madama
- Porgi amor
- Sull’aria
Composer W.A. Mozart
Singers Lorraine Chan, Nicole Tse, Aaron Kwan and Michelle Siu


Opera Excerpts from Carmen

- La cloche a sonnė
- Habanera
- Nous avons en tête une affaire
- Votre toast
Composer G. Bizet
Singers Alice Li, Hannah Bu, Harriet Liu, Jeff Chan, Gary Kam and Aaron Kwan
Chorus Hannah Bu, Lorraine Chan, Jeanie Chen, Victoria Chen, Charlotte Gu, Liserl Huen, Jenty Leung, Leighton Li, Victoria Liao, Sicilia Lin, Harriet Liu, Michelle Siu, Kathy So, Nicole Tse, Xie Shiying, Jeff Chan, Cheuk King-yau, Jason Li, Chad Li, Gary Kam, Jerry Xu and Jerry Fung


Staging Director Nancy Yuen



Chinese Dance: Silk Dance

The choreographer’s imagination and artistic reinvention breath life and emotions into the silk handkerchief, displaying magnificent sights of the blossoming trees in spring, the passion of summer and the soulfulness of late autumn.

Choreographer Jiang Huaxuan
Rehearsal Director Yu Pik Yim
Music Flying Dragons and Jumping Tigers - Percussion Concerto
Composer Li Minxiong
Dancers Chen Ka-hei, Cheung Ka-man, Fung Kei, Lai Wing-Yan, Lam Tsz-ying, Lam Wai-ching, Pang Cherry, Wan Chun-hei, Wang Luoyan, Wang Xifang, Wong Wai-shan


Ballet: Le Corsaire - Pas de deux

This is a performance of one of the most famous and beloved dances for two, Pas de deux from the ballet Le Corsaire, which was inspired by Lord Byron's poetic work The Corsair.

Choreographer Joseph Mazilier
Rehearsal Director Eve Chan
Music Le Corsaire: Act II - "3. Grand pas: (Le grand pas de deux a trois classique): Adagio"
Composer Riccardo Drigo
Dancers Wong Chai and Liu Yu-Lun

Chinese Dance: Unleashed

An inner voice or some form of energy?  The choreographer hopes the dancers could interpret this feeling through their youthful bodies.  Unleashed a fleeting ray of light.  This reminds the choreographer of the famous line...

"All has gone, countless remarkable figures in the past, let us focus on the present moment..."

Choreographer Yu Pik-yim
Music Sun Quan The Emperor (Guzheng & drum Ver.)
Dancers Han Lei, Kwan Megan Man-ki, Lam Tsz-yu, Li Wan-kei, Ma Lie, Ng Chung-yu, Pang Choi-man, Tang Celine Laurelle,Tang Hiu-wing, Wai Lo-ying, Wen Ziyin, Wu Hing-man, Yung Shuk-yi


Contemporary Dance: "Beautiful Reminiscence"

A thought, leads heart, your thought?

Choreographer Li Yongjing
Rehearsal Director Lam Po
Music 3WW, Reference, Experience
Composers Alt-J, L C Fung, Ludovico Einaudi
Dancers Calysta Clara Neisha, Huang Ziyan, Lai Lok-yan, Ho Wing-kam, Lam Hoi-ching, Lin Ka-ying, Lai Natalia, To Wing, Tsang Wing-hang, Liu Zhi, Wong Ching-tung, Xiong Yilin, Wong Cheuk-lam, Wong Noi-bei, Zhao Yuefan, Wong Lai-kei Kristy, Yip Sze-wai, Xu Xitong

Chinese Opera

Cantonese Operatic Song Nocturnal Tears over an Epistle

This piece is from the Cantonese opera masterpiece Forty Years of Cherished Love by Cantonese opera playwright Chen Guanqing.  It tells the reunion of Song Dynasty's great poet Lu You with his estranged first wife Tang Wan in the Shen Garden.  He inscribes a lyric poem titled "The Phoenix Hairpin" on a wall.  Upon reading it, Tang Wan feels sorrowful and responds with a matching lyric poem, and later passes away with regret.
Singer Wong On-ching


Music Performance Rain Lashing on the Plantain Thunder in a Drought and Pacing Horses in the Countryside in Spring

Rain Lashing on the Plantain

The charming melody of this southern Chinese piece depicts early summer with the sound of rain dripping on plantain leaves, the swaying of the leaves in the rain, and the joy of people relieved of the heat and drought.

Thunder in a Drought

Thunder in a Drought is an influential classic in Cantonese music that first appeared in 1921 in A Handbook on String Music compiled by Yau Hok-chau.  Originally adapted for yangqin from the pipa tune Three Tidal Waves by folk musician Yan Laolie, it evolved to become part of the repertoire of Cantonese music.  While Three Tidal Waves is steady in tone and in a low register, Thunder in a Drought is lively and fluid in its depiction of the joy of seeing rain after a prolonged drought.

Pacing Horses in the Countryside in Spring

Pacing Horses in the Countryside in Spring has a mellifluous melody and is highly rhythmic, thus conjuring up the image of a rider galloping across the fields in spring. Although the work is a Cantonese music piece, it has incorporated Western musical elements into its composition. The fusion allows the piece to both retain a traditional style and exhibit innovation and diversity, bringing the audience unique musical enjoyment.


The Reunion of Swords and Hairpins from The Purple Hairpin

This piece is from the renowned Cantonese opera The Purple Hairpin, written by playwright Tong Tik-sang for the Sin Fung Ming Opera Troupe.  It depicts the misunderstanding of Tang Dynasty's Princess Huo Xiaoyu towards the talented scholar Li Yi, who she believes has abandoned her to remarry.  Li Yi made repeated efforts to clear up every misunderstanding, and at last mends fences with Xiaoyu.
Singers Chen Jingru and Ho Cheuk-ying


Music/ Percussion Director Zhao Riwei
Music Director/ Vocal Coach Mach Tuy Nghia
Percussion Director Ching Weng Sung


Music Leader Tsang Tsz-ho
Gaohu Lei Ziteng
Hu Chau Ho-yeung
Electric Ruan Mach Tuy Nghia
Yangqin Chan Pan-kit
Pipa Tsoi Sheung-yin
Guzheng Cheng Man-ni
Cello Zhu Xiaolin
Percussion Leader Lei Caiping
Accompanists Tang Qimu and Lai Hon-yin


Cultural Activities Hall - Fringe Programme*

2pm-5pm      Free Admission with tickets


Performers:  Tsuen Wan Town Hall Venue Partners - Count-In Music and Ming Ri Institute For Arts Education

(Suitable for ages 3 and above)
(Admission by ticket with free seating.  Limited seats available on a first-come-first-served basis.)

2pm-2:50pm       Count-In Music       Count-in Music Limited  Count-in Music Limited

Hong Kong Youth Jazz Collective – Jazz Appreciation Concert

The Hong Kong Youth Jazz Collective, from one of the venue partners, will delight the audience with a variety of jazz music genres, including Swing, Bossa Nova and Latin.  During the concert, Lui Ngao-yuen, the band’s founder, will introduce the audience to the world of jazz with guided appreciation, while the young musicians will share the joy of learning about and playing jazz music.

Repertoire includes:

- Desafinado
- Waltz For Debbie
- Caravan
- Blame It On My Youth
- Beautiful Love
- Overjoyed
Moderator Lui Ngao-yuen
Vocal / Double Bass Chan Yan-tung
Piano Wu Chun-kit
Guitar Lee Yui-chuen
Trumpet Yip Chin-ching
Trombone Yiu Dorcas
Drums Law Ka-ming

Quota: 216
Jazz Concert

4pm-5pm       Ming Ri Institute For Arts Education      Ming Ri Institute For Arts Education Ltd   Ming Ri Institute For Arts Education Ltd.

Children Theatre Small World Great Mice

Small World Great Mice tells the story of a little mouse who wins the Chinese zodiac championship with his quick wit, but then offends his friends because of his pride and arrogance.  Coincidentally, there is an outbreak of an infectious disease, prompting everyone to hunt for the mouse community.  Can the little mice escape the crisis? Can they re-establish their status among all Chinese zodiac animals?  The performance will be presented in the form of interactive story theatre, featuring the use of puppets and props.  Children in the audience will be encouraged to come up with good ideas for saving the little mice.
Director Wong Tim-keung
Producer Tang Yim-lan
Actors Leung Man-wing and WONG Man-chun

Quota: 222
Small World Great Mice

Exhibition Gallery - Fringe Programme*

2pm-5pm      Free Admission with tickets


Performers:  Community Cultural Ambassador 2023 - One Table Two Chairs Charitable Foundation and Fung Kai-sze, Yeung Kin-ping, Wong Yee-lai, TroVessionaland

(Suitable for ages 3 and above)
(Admission by ticket with free seating.  Limited seats available on a first-come-first-served basis.)

2pm-3pm         One Table Two Chairs Charitable Foundation

‘Cantonese Opera Moral Class’ Touring Performance: Cantonese Opera Right or Wrong – Your Choice!

“Welcome to Cantonese Opera Right or Wrong – Your Choice!, where tradition is both respected and broken with!”  Our two hosts, Ben and Mark, will not only analyse the unique formula of Chinese opera and introduce classic scenes from the Cantonese opera excerpt An Emperor Travelling Incognito Flirted with a Commoner, but will also ask the audience to cast a vote on the ending of Emperor Zhengde and Phoenix, the commoner.  Will this love story have a happy ending or end in tragedy?  Kim, producer of Cantonese Opera Right or Wrong – Your Choice! , is not content with the usual endings.  Rather, she brings us an unexpected third ending, one that not only tells of Emperor Zhengde and Phoenix, but also inspires us to think about more possibilities in life choices.


Artistic Director Yuen Siu-fai
Playwright Rick Cheung
Director Musette Tsang
Cantonese Opera Actors Roy Cheung Siu-lun, Ng Man-ting
Drama Actors Chiu Chin-hei, Marco Tang, Musette Tsang

Online Registration (Quota filled)

On-site Quota: 40

Programme Details
Cantonese Opera Right or Wrong – Your Choice

4:15pm-5:15pm         Fung Kai-sze, Yeung Kin-ping, Wong Yee-lai, TroVessional

‘Fly me to Hong Kong’ Cantonese music theatre Classics and Chill

Taking a theatrical approach incorporating the narrative singing of nanyin (Southern Tunes, a form of traditional music in the Guangdong area), musicians of Cantonese music theatre Classics and Chill take the audience on a journey through the past century to savour Cantonese music and nanyin, and relive the collective memory of Hong Kong people.


Artistic Director Yu Qiwei
Producer Fung Kai-sze
Composer / Coordinator Yeung Kin-ping
Playwright / Director Wong Yee-lai
Performers Fung Kai-sze, Lam Pui-kuen,
Ng Justin Bai-shen, Siu Chun-yin,
Tam Ching, Yeung Kin-ping

Programme Details

Quota: 102
‘Fly me to Hong Kong’ Cantonese music theatre Classics and Chill

*Programme Arrangements (Cultural Activities Hall and Exhibition Gallery)

  1. Free admission by ticket with free seating.  Limited places available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. Tickets of fringe programme will be distributed at the Enquiry Counter of Tsuen Wan Town Hall from 12noon on the day of the Carnival.  Each person is allowed up to two tickets.
  3. Tickets will become invalid if the ticket holders fail to show up within 5 minutes after the designated session has begun, and their places will be allocated to other persons waiting at the venue.
  4. Latecomers will only be admitted at a suitable break.  All programmes or related arrangements are subject to change without prior notice.  In the event of any dispute regarding ticket distribution and seating arrangements, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s decision shall be final and conclusive.

The presenter reserves the right to change the programme and substitute artist.  The contents of the programmes do not represent the views of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Programme Enquiry: 2414 0144