Archery Range


The Archery Range occupies a site of 4 700 square metres next to the Tuen Mun Public Riding School. It was open for public use on 1 May 1995. This facility can serve as an archery range with a shooting distance of 70 metres long for groups or individual hiring. In addition, the Centre organizes archery training courses and archery competition recreational activities regularly for public participation. Archery Range cum Gateball Court

Opening Hours

Open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Booking of Facilities

Organizations or individuals who apply for the use of the archery range must be able to provide qualified instructors to supervise the activities. All qualified instructors should possess recognised and valid instructor'sarchery level I coach certificates issued by the relevant national sports associations. In addition, without bookings for archery activities, individuals or organizations can book this facility for gateball activities without any specific qualification and charges.

Hire Charges

FacilitiesNormal RateConcessionary Rate*
Archery Range per 1.5 hrs. $218 $109
  • Persons with disabilities can enjoy the concessionary rates at all the times, while full-time students and the elderliesy (aged 60 or above, applicable to individual hirers only) can enjoy concessionary rates during the specified period. Details of arrangement for individual hirers to enjoy concessionary rates are listed in the table below –
Elderly (a) Before 6 p.m. on Monday to Friday
(except public holiday)
(b) Before 1 p.m. on Saturday
(except public holiday)
(a) Before 6 p.m. on Monday to Friday
(b) Before 1 p.m. on Saturday
(except public holiday)
Persons with
At all times
    • In order to enjoy concessionary rates in the use of facilities, the hirer and all his/her partner(s) should be users eligible for concessions of the booked session(s) except for session booked by persons with disabilities. For session(s) booked by persons with disabilities, the session(s) can be used by person with disabilities with the accompanying carer with a maximum ratio at 1:1.

    • Hirers/users enjoying concessionary rate may be are required to produce proof of their identity or age when making booking; before and during the use of booked facilities for checking. (For example: student cards, registration card for persons with disabilities or identity card, etc)

  • Full-time students may present valid student identity card, student handbook or relevant document provided by school (but not limit to the above documents). Personalised Octopus Card with "Student Status" is not accepted as identity proof for student status. If the validity period is not specified on the student identity card, the venue staff on duty reserve the right to request the student concerned to provide other evidence to prove his/her student status.

Enquiries on Archery Range and Related Programmes:

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