Kuixing Pavilion and Guibi Rock

A moon gate at the western end of Yamen Square leads directly into Kuixing Pavilion. The gate is framed by Chinese couplets set into a pair of imposing stone tablets. Kuixing has deep associations for the Chinese. In Chinese mythology, Kuixing is the god of literature. The name also refers to the fourth star (the middle star) in the constellation known as the Big Dipper. Kuixing Pavilion and Guibi Rock 1
Guibi Rock is the centrepiece of a rock garden in the pebble-stone courtyard fronting Kuixing Pavilion. The spiralling rock, from Tai Lake, symbolizes the return of Hong Kong to China. Its name comes from Wan Bi Gui Zhao (returning the jade intact to the State of Zhao). In the Zhou Dynasty, China was divided into seven states; Zhao was one of them. Kuixing Pavilion and Guibi Rock 2