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Exhibition on Edible Flowers and Herbs (Spring Edition) at Hong Kong Parkbanner

Members of the public will have a chance to take a closer look at different species of the edible flowers and herbs for springtime at an exhibition to be held from April 22 (Monday) at the Forsgate Conservatory in Hong Kong Park under the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

With mild temperatures and increasing hours of daylight, springtime in Hong Kong is suitable for the growth of a collection of edible flowers and herbs. A rich variety of about 500 edible flowers and herbs during springtime will be showcased at the upcoming exhibition, including Lemmon’s Marigold, African Mallow, Nasturtium, Borage, Calendula and numerous herbs.

The flowers and leaves of Lemmon's Marigold carry a rich fragrance. The tender new leaves can be used in cooking and brewing tea, making the plant a perfect fit for herb gardens.

The tiny baby pink flowers of African Mallow live for just a day, yet they continue to bloom.

With a fresh, sweet and mildly spicy taste of mustard, a crunchy and juicy texture, and a unique scent, the flowers, leaves, stems and roots of Nasturtium are all edible.

As for herbs, humid spring is especially suitable for planting mint. Common species include spearmint, peppermint and grapefruit mint.

In addition to the presentation of over 30 species of edible flowers and herbs, display boards will also be set up to introduce their characteristics, planting notes and propagation methods. Park visitors are invited to visit the exhibition, which will be open to the public free of charge from 9am to 5pm daily from April 22 to June 10 at the Forsgate Conservatory of Hong Kong Park, 19 Cotton Tree Drive, Central.

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