Cattle Depot Art Park


Cattle Depot Art Park was opened for public use in September 2019 following its revitalization and conversion works, providing a recreational space themed on culture and arts.

The ex-Ma Tau Kok Animal Quarantine Depot (commonly known as “the Cattle Depot”) is located at the junction of To Kwa Wan and Kai Tak Development Area, adjacent to To Kwa Wan Sports Centre and To Kwa Wan Recreation Ground. Under the “Revitalisation of the Rear Portion of the Cattle Depot” project proposed by the Kowloon City District Council, the Cattle Depot Art Park provides a venue for recreational purpose and community art promotion in the vicinity.

Occupying 6 000 square metres in area, the Cattle Depot Art Park inherits the elements of its history as a cattle depot. The facilities include rain shelters with benches, an amenity lawn area, and ancillary facilities such as public toilets and a baby-care room.