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Oriental Style Garden Plots

Central and Western District - Chater Garden

A Lovely Visit to a Japanese Garden
When visitors enter the garden by following the tobi-ishi stepping stone path, they are treated to a welcoming spectacle of Rhododendron in full bloom. While enjoying the floral extravaganza, they can search for Ryōen Jizō, the inseparable triplet of lovable stone statuettes seen as the deity of matchmaking. As night falls, twinkling stars and glowing fireflies light up the dark sky, creating the poetic ambience of an early Japanese summer. The ingenious placement of an ishigumi stone arrangement, a tsukubai stone basin and an ishidoro stone lantern among the flowers and lush greenery forms a gardenscape that emanates peace and tranquility. May all visitors enjoy the love and happiness in this warm and harmonious garden.
A Lovely Visit to a Japanese Garden A Lovely Visit to a Japanese Garden A Lovely Visit to a Japanese Garden

Eastern District - Aldrich Bay Park

Home Sweet Home
With the advent of spring, the Rhododendrons in the garden are in full bloom, bringing new hope and love to the world. Bees gather nectar and pollinate so life will continue. The owner of the garden, thankful that he can enjoy the exuberant flowers in the garden together with his family, is filled with warmth, joy and hope for the future. In the language of flowers, Rhododendrons convey the message of “joy of love”. They symbolise care for one’s family and friends and embracing the time of bliss spent together.
Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home

Kowloon City District - Hoi Sham Park

Happy Family

The design of this garden presents a Japanese-style landscape where the entire family can gather in harmony to spend some sweet moments among the delicately arranged flowers.

Here, the owner has planted colourful and fragrant flowers like cherry blossoms and Rhododendrons to create a comfortable and beautiful environment for all three generations to enjoy familial bliss. The place is infused with an overall sense of joyfulness, overwhelming warmth and family love.

Happy Family

Happy Family Happy Family

Kwai Tsing District - Tsing Yi Park

Healing Garden
In flower language, Rhododendrons stand for joy of love and blessings of a lifetime of happiness. Over the past year, people in Hong Kong have had long periods of boredom and gloom due to the pandemic. This garden plot is designed to create a sense of calm and comfort, a respite from the pressures of life, amidst the warmth and beauty of spring. Rhododendrons bloom with exuberance in the garden, resplendent especially against a background of lotus leaves in the pond, where the water drops on the leaves sparkle in the sun with energy and liveliness. Taking in this scene of floral glory, visitors would emerge purged and soothed, their hearts filled with delight and hope. Welcome to our garden! We hope all those visiting this garden will feel the tranquility and sense of fulfilment.
Healing Garden Healing Garden Healing Garden

Southern District - Ap Lei Chau Waterfront Promenade

Love Carrying On
This is a Chinese style garden which uses frames to create doorways, windows and the silhouette of hills. Through planting on stacked stones, the “scenery borrowing” technique is employed to integrate the surroundings with the garden plot, and the view changes with every step the visitor takes. The design shows the garden owner’s affection for his father.

As a child, the garden owner often took walks by the sea with his father and watched ships come and go in the distance. When Rhododendrons were in bloom, his father once said, “Life is like a meandering trail, fascinating because of the unknown.” In this garden, at every turn along the track, there are unique rocks stacked on the side, and vibrant blooms filling the air with their sweet scent. The bamboo grove exudes an air of simple elegance that transports one back to nature. Words of the owner’s father are like a guiding beacon and a guard over the faith in his heart. Traces of the fishing village of more than a century ago are etched on this land. Come listen to the wind and watch the ships go by, and let smiles blossom on your face.
Love Carrying On Love Carrying On Love Carrying On

Wan Chai District - Wan Chai Gap Park

Thai Garden
This garden plot is designed after Thai-styled garden landscaping to recreate the tranquility of nature. It skilfully exploits the limited space to construct a scene of leisurely simplicity. The entire garden is surrounded by volcanic rocks and wooden fences, with a gate at the frontage. The water feature, quarried rocks and flowing water are separated by a gravel walkway, striking a welcome balance between motion and stillness. Elephant sculptures erected along the walkway echo the wooden elephant carvings on the wooden door, an apt reminder of the older generation’s love for the garden. The verdant trees in the garden, flowering shrubs and moss create an ambiance of peace and elegance. The garden is also adorned with decorations from other parks and gardens, such as elephant sculptures, wooden benches, guardrail and paling, which highlight the importance of conservation and recycling.
Thai Garden Thai Garden Thai Garden

Wong Tai Sin District - Lion Rock Park

Passing on Traditions
Birdsong pierces the calm of the morning as the sun shines on this elegant landscaped garden; the curtain is up on spring with the budding of fresh leaves at branch-tips. The garden is a sumptuous palette of vying beautiful colours. Inside the ancient-styled Moon Pavilion, the guzheng plays a tune in a deep and rich tone which evokes a sense of yore and a spiritual journey to ancient times. The riotous flowers and renewal of everything in spring make a fascinating scene that spreads the message of love and happiness.
Passing on Traditions Passing on Traditions Passing on Traditions

Yau Tsim Mong District - Kowloon Park

Joy of Love
Spring is in the air. Flowers rival one another for glamour and beauty. Rhododendrons in vibrant colours animate the otherwise quiet traditional garden. In the idyllic scene, a mother bird is feeding her fledglings. It embodies the much cherished love and care between a mother and her children, and the joyful bond between generations. The design of this garden is inspired by the back garden of the Chinese traditional family home. The exquisite landscaping, characterised by elegant Chinese pavilion, flowing water and elegant rockery, together with blooming Rhododendrons and various other floral species, evoke a feeling of infinite vitality in springtime. Through the feeding scene of the birds on the trees, the message of parental love passed on through generations is conveyed.
Joy of Love Joy of Love Joy of Love

Yuen Long District - Tin Pak Road Park

Tsutsuji and Ikebana
This plot is designed in the style of Japanese garden landscaping. The name tsutsuji has a double meaning: in Japanese, the word for Rhododendrons, tsutsuji, is homophonic with the phrase for “walking hesitantly” and “wandering on a forking road”. Since Rhododendrons are best grown on slopes, the visual effect of a hillside is created by adorning the left and front of the garden with low fences and a gateway made from recycled tree trunks respectively, forming a curb with irregular rocks on the right, and finishing off with stepped slopes and a pair of push-open grilles. A quaint, old-style Japanese wooden house in muted colours is also recreated in the garden, featuring a sloping roof covered with moss, ferns, and muhly grass to mimic a mountain stream. The Rhododendrons are not only planted at the periphery of the garden, but also on the slope, and they stand out from the backdrop of maple trees and flowering bushes. As visitors take a stroll through the garden, they come to understand the beauty of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

Tsutsuji and Ikebana

Tsutsuji and Ikebana Tsutsuji and Ikebana
Western Style Garden Plots

Islands District - Tat Tung Road Garden

Blissful Togetherness
The owner meticulously crafts this back garden for his wife and daughter, so that the family can enjoy happy times together. Accentuated by other flowers from the four seasons, the clusters of Rhododendrons sparkle like stars and glitter by the pathway, creating a captivating scene. Aquatic plants are grown in the nicely built pool for insects to take shelter, and for the owner’s daughter to witness this wondrous symbiosis in nature. When the family sits and enjoys the Rhododendrons in full bloom, the flowers nestling snugly together, just as the three of them are, remind them to treasure such precious moments of blissful closeness.

Blissful Togetherness

Blissful Togetherness Blissful Togetherness

Kwun Tong District - Jordan Valley Park

From Seedling to Shrub
Spring has quietly brought warmth to the earth. Verdant buds seem to be smiling from the tips of branches, and flowers in chromatic colours are about to bloom. The season of growth has roused seeds and buds from their sleep. Nurtured with care by horticulturists, the Rhododendrons have grown from small seedlings to thriving plants, spread out on a vast swathe in a riot of colours. These seemingly commonplace shrubs grow profusely, creating a stunning sea of flowers in variegated colours that conveys bountiful love and blessings.
From Seedling to Shrub From Seedling to Shrub From Seedling to Shrub

North District - Shek Wu Hui Jockey Club Playground

A Small Garden with Infinite Love
This small garden is designed after the English tradition: flowers of various kinds and styles are surrounded by a hedge in the front yard and a green wall at the back. With the colourful Rhododendrons in the garden, they create a romantic mood, so elegant and full of love. Tall plants flanking the archway evince an air of stateliness. At the end of it is a cherub signifying peace, freedom and friendship. Once inside the garden, visitors can appreciate the beautiful scene from different angles and experience the feeling of love that fills the garden. The flower fountain at the centre emulates love flowing endlessly despite the passage of time, symbolising people’s pursuit for peace, freedom and love.
A Small Garden with Infinite Love A Small Garden with Infinite Love A Small Garden with Infinite Love

Sai Kung District - Po Hong Park

Together with Love
An old carpenter’s wife is mobility-handicapped. Feeling sad to see his wife bedridden all day, the carpenter built a wooden wagon for taking her to the countryside to enjoy the fragrance of forest greens and florals, and embrace the tranquil and harmonious mood of nature. Sitting on the wagon, the couple can feast their eyes on the pristine landscape, savouring the lush vegetation and gorgeous flowers. The wooden wagon, overflowing with warmth and bliss, brings love to every corner.

Together with Love

Together with Love Together with Love

Sha Tin District - Sha Tin Park

Cottage of Love
This garden plot design is inspired by the concept of a forest cabin. A quaint cottage is filled with a family’s happy memories. Built by forebears as a summer home, this cozy abode carries with it the joys and love of past generations. Made up of wood and glass, it is imbued with light and vibrant warmth. The garden teems with creatures nesting in the colourful flowering bushes, jumping between the slide, seesaw and swing every now and then. Around the cottage are chirping birds and fragrant flowers; there are signs of life everywhere. Over the other side, cherubs bless the cottage with the message of love and care, and harmony between humans and animals. The rainbow-coloured flowers, with blooming Rhododendrons as the highlight, together with the visitors and the animals, paint a picture of “harmony between beings and things” and bring out the theme of this year’s Flower Show – “City of flowers, City of love”.
Cottage of Love Cottage of Love Cottage of Love

Sham Shui Po District - Lai Chi Kok Park

Treasure Galore
The everyday junk around us, such as wooden planks, old tyres, aluminium cans, plastic bottles and even trees toppled by typhoons, can be repurposed and refurbished for a brand new look. Commonly seen as waste, these items are given a new life, allowing them to escape the fate of being simply discarded. In this paradise that carries the spirit of love and innovation, waste materials are painstakingly transformed into one-of-a-kind treasures that blend seamlessly into the garden environment, setting off the colourful flowers and fluttering butterflies. Families can stroll through this garden that combines the old with the new, and have fun spotting these treasures. The recycled junk embodies the belief in sustainability, and conveys the hope that love will be passed on and new oases will be created.
Treasure Galore Treasure Galore Treasure Galore

Tai Po District - Tai Po Waterfront Park

A Child’s Kingdom
It is the childhood dream of many individuals to live in a beautiful house with a lovely garden, a home of their own, designed to their own liking and with boundless creativity. This garden is lavishly planted with colourful flowers, and the house is filled with beloved toys, accompanied by rays of sunshine that come straight from a child’s heart. As one passes by and sees the beautiful house, the lovely garden and the bright smile, one cannot help but ask: who is the lucky owner of this merry home?

A Child’s Kingdom

A Child’s Kingdom A Child’s Kingdom

Tsuen Wan District - Jockey Club Tak Wah Park

Fairy Garden (Fern Garden)
A meteor streaks across the sky, falling towards a mysterious fairy garden. It splits into two – one part falling into the pool, the other bouncing off to the hillside. It transpires that inside the meteorite are countless bright and tasty candies which symbolise God’s blessing for the fairies. The fairies are very fond of this gift and filled with joy. A variety of ferns are used here to create a natural landscape. Different geometric shapes, which form the garden’s main structure, are strategically scattered over the garden. A rattan ball sits in the centre of the square pool, on the left of which is a hemispherical imitation of a bird’s nest. At the rear, a triangular arch serves as the backdrop. Coupled with the installation of twinkling lights, a harmonious scene of a novel and unique fern garden is presented before the eyes of the visitors.
Fairy Garden (Fern Garden) Fairy Garden (Fern Garden) Fairy Garden (Fern Garden)

Tuen Mun District - Tuen Mun Park

Love in the Wind
The theme of this design is a beautiful riverside scenery. With flowers in riotous colours, the owner builds a fairy tale world, where a river of fresh flowers is laid. By the river stands a windmill that twirls in the wind, making a poetic and pretty sight to behold. A pair of teddy bears enjoy a row on the river, overflowing the place with happiness.
Love in the Wind Love in the Wind Love in the Wind