House Rules


  1. The House Rules set out herein shall apply to the Hong Kong Flower Show 2019 held at Victoria Park (“the venue”) from 15 to 24 March 2019.


  2. Visitors shall observe the Pleasure Grounds Regulation (Cap. 132BC), the House Rules and any other applicable laws, rules and conditions.


  3. All visitors entering the venue shall undergo security check if required. The following items are prohibited in the venue:

    • any items which may be offensive or health hazardous or which can be used as weapons or used to impede the smooth progress of the event;
    • any banners, posters, placards, leaflets or publicity and display materials, the contents of which are commercial, abusive, threatening, discriminatory, religious or political.


  4. Visitors shall not perform any acts which may affect the smooth progress of the event, or acts that may harass, disturb or annoy any other person.


  5. Visitors shall sit at the designated area in the spectator stand and shall not enter cordoned off areas without permission given by the venue management.


  6. Except cordoned off area, free seating arrangement in the spectator stand is allocated on a first-come-first-served basis and no reserved seating for others is allowed.


  7. Any person who contravenes any of the Pleasure Grounds Regulation (Cap. 132BC) and House Rules may be refused to enter the venue and/or removed from the venue.