Green Tips for Flower Show


  1. Come to the venue by public transport


  2. Bring your own water bottle to reduce packaging waste


  3. Use your own environmentally friendly bags instead of plastic bags from exhibitors


  4. Support e-brochure and e-catalogues to reduce paper waste


  5. Think before you take or buy souvenirs


  6. Practice clean recycling, drink up or clean the recyclable thoroughly before putting into the recycling bins


  7. Share your photos through electronic means or social network to minimize printing


  8. Bring your own cutleries and utensils when purchasing food from the fast food stalls


Green Tips for Flower Show (For Operators of Commercial Stalls)


  1. Minimise the use of disposables.


  2. Make good use of recycling facilities.


  3. Minimise the use of packaging materials or reuse them after the event.


  4. Refrain from distributing printed promotional materials such as catalogues.


  5. Plan your resources.  Make good use of recyclable/reusable materials.


  6. Recyclables must be sorted properly and kept clean.


  7. Comply with “A Concise Guide to the Nosie Control Ordinance”.


  8. Minimise the adverse impact of external lighting on the environment.


  9. Avoid light overspill to minimise nuisance.


  10. Share your photos through electronic means or social networks to minimise printing.