Clock Tower Paper Model Workshop (Conducted in Cantonese)

Jointly organised by the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the Antiquities and Monument Office, the Hong Kong Observatory and the City Gallery, the Clock Tower Paper Model workshops and seminars held on 18-19 December 2021 were completed with overwhelming responses. Everyone had fun building their own Clock Tower model and learning interesting historical and scientific knowledge about the monument.

Please click the links below for recorded live streaming of workshops and seminars (conducted in Cantonese):

Clock Tower Paper Model Workshop and Seminar on soft history of the Clock Tower (watch recording)
Speaker: Mr YUEN Chi Tai, Humphrey, Curator (Historical Buildings)2 Acting of the Antiquities and Monuments Office

Clock Tower Paper Model Workshop and “The Evolution of Time Science” Seminar (watch recording)
Speaker: Mr HUI Tai Wai, David, Scientific Officer (Geophysics, Time and Marine Meteorological Services) of the Hong Kong Observatory

Parts of the paper model can be downloaded here. Please print the paper model with cardboards no less than 210gsm.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Antiquities and Monument Office, Hong Kong Observatory, City Gallery managed by the Planning Department