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The Community Programmes Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department is responsible for organising two main categories of cultural programmes, i.e. territory-wide festive events and carnivals, as well as community cultural arts events held in Hong Kong.


1. To provide free family carnivals to the public during major traditional festivals;
2. To bring varied and enriching cultural arts events to all walks of life in their neighbourhood;
3. To preserve and promote traditional Chinese arts; 
4. To provide performance opportunities for artists and arts groups; and 
5. To promote arts development in community.

Territory-wide Festive Events and Carnivals

Territory-wide festivals/carnivals are presented during major festive occasions and at other times throughout the year, including the Lunar New Year Lantern Carnivals and Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnivals, featuring a variety of spectacular performances and participatory activities by local and visiting artists. Other territory-wide carnivals include Marching Band Parade and Youth Music and Dance Marathon , etc.

18dART – Community Arts Scheme

Free community cultural arts events of different art forms, are organised on a monthly basis at various outdoor and indoor venues, such as parks, playgrounds, podiums/plazas of housing estates, community arts centres and community halls, etc. In 2019, the Community Programmes Office launched Community Arts Scheme. With the collaboration of District Council and district organisations, tailor-made enhanced arts activities are organised by experienced professional arts group with a view to developing district’s own Community Arts Scheme. Interested district organisation is welcomed to contact us to collaborate in providing free venues and offering support in publicity and participant enrollment in the district.

Other Special Programmes

The Community Programmes Office also cooperates with District Councils, district/community organisations and sponsors in organising special programmes and major events, such as coordinating the organisation of the Fireworks Displays in cooperation with the sponsor and other government departments, partnering with various Consulates-General based in Hong Kong to organise Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances and Concert in the Park.

Way Forward

To keep up with the pace of our city life, we will continue the endeavours to strengthen the major events/carnivals by introducing new and exciting elements to compliment the well-received traditional programmes. We will also conduct regular reviews of community cultural arts events.

Programme Proposal

The Community Programmes Office welcomes proposals for collaboration with cultural organisations. Press here for more details.

Financial Figures and Attendance for 2020/2021


Operating and Programme Costs*





*Excluding the District Councils' funding for organising district free entertainment programmes and 18dART - Community Arts Scheme