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* Environmental Report 2007
Environment Report 2007
Chapter 1 - Introduction and Controlling Officer's Profile of Key Responsibilities
Chapter 2 - Environmental Goal and Policy
Chapter 3 - Environmental Management, Performance Analysis and Targets/ Milestones
Chapter 4 - Towards a Quality Future
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Annex III

Proposed Good Practices to Operational Staff and Contractors

  1. Choose energy efficient electrical appliances.
  2. Do without unnecessary electrical appliances, e.g. electric pencil sharpener.
  3. Use power-saving light bulbs.
  4. Reduce lighting to minimum level required for illumination.
  5. Switch off the air-conditioner and lights on leaving the room.
  6. Use lead-free petrol.
  7. Switch off vehicles or machines when not in use.
  8. Save paper, print or photocopy only when necessary.
  9. Write on both sides of every piece of paper before throwing it away.
  10. Reuse envelopes.
  11. Send waste paper for recycling.
  12. Use your own cup. Avoid throw-away paper cup and other utensils.
  13. Separate garbage in paper, can and bottle and send them to collection centers for recycling.
  14. Reuse polythene bags if possible.
  15. Put used batteries in litterbins. Do not leave them outdoor or throw them into water.
  16. No smoking in public places.
  17. Save water. Turn off water taps when not in use. Repair leaked water taps as soon as possible.
  18. Minimize copies of circulars (e.g. by circulating a copy to staff).
  19. Reuse loose minute jackets.
  20. Avoid use of fax leader pages.
  21. Minimize copies of flimsies and reference copies at meetings.
  22. Photocopy on both sides of every piece of paper as far as possible.
  23. Photocopy on the unused side of waste paper for internal use documents.

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