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* Environmental Report 2007
Environment Report 2007
Chapter 1 - Introduction and Controlling Officer's Profile of Key Responsibilities
Chapter 2 - Environmental Goal and Policy
Chapter 3 - Environmental Management, Performance Analysis and Targets/ Milestones
Chapter 4 - Towards a Quality Future
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Chapter 4 - Towards a Quality Future

4.1 We will continue to work towards our environmental goal by:

  • planting more trees and increasing the planting of shrubs and seasonal flowers with a view to enhancing the visual impact with more seasonal colours;
  • focusing our efforts of greening promotion on two aspects : family participation and local participation;
  • preserving more assets of our heritage;
  • providing more aesthetically pleasing open space for the enjoyment of the community; and
  • maintaining our efforts in practising waste reduction and saving energy and natural resources for promotion of a greener working environment.

We believe that with the targets and goals we set for ourselves, we will continue to contribute towards a more sustainable development in environmental protection in Hong Kong.

Comments and Suggestions

This report can be viewed at our homepage at www.lcsd.gov.hk. We welcome any comments and enquiries on this report. Please write to our Departmental Green Manager through any of the following channels íV

Mail : 13/F, LCSD Headquarters Building,1, Pai Tau Street, Shatin, N.T.
Fax : 2603 0642
E-mail : enquiries@lcsd.gov.hk


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