Annual Report 2002 - Leisure and Cultural Services Department Brand Hong Kong - Asia's world city
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* Performance Pledges *
* Our Pledge is to provide quality services to enhance the quality of life of the community. In doing so we seek to meet the international standards of professional excellence.*

Cultural Services

We pledge to provide civic centre facilities, cultural and entertainment programmes, and to promote the development and appreciation of performing and visual arts. We pledge to provide a courteous and efficient service to all library users in meeting community needs for information, informal education and the profitable use of leisure. We help to preserve local cultural heritage and to promote appreciation for it by providing and developing museum and related services. We will focus our efforts to preserve and conserve antiquities and monuments and to promote heritage education, and to foster a sense of belonging for the people of Hong Kong.

Leisure Services

We pledge to provide facilities to foster public participation in recreation and sports activities and to organise a wide range of programmes to enrich the quality of life. We will maintain hire charges and programme fees at a level affordable by the general public. Concessionary rates for senior citizens, full-time students, persons under the age of 15, and persons with a disability together with the minder will continue to be offered. We will provide, manage and maintain safe and high quality recreation and sports facilities for the general public.


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