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Cultural Presentations Section (CP Section)

The Cultural Presentations Section (CP Section) implements Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD)'s policy of promoting arts and culture in Hong Kong. Our mission is to cultivate an ecology conducive to cultural flourishment. We aim at raising our cultural literacy and transforming our society to become more humane, complete and competitive through making arts a part of our lives. About 1000 activities, spanning a wide variety of arts forms and tastes to appeal to the entire community are staged annually in LCSD performance venues territory-wide. These include star-studded spectaculars, distinguished local companies and young talents. About half of the activities organized are arts appreciation programmes with a view to enhancing appreciation by audience, some of them are specially designed to cater for students and the community. With the close link of Hong Kong and the Mainland, we acknowledge the need to meet the demand for more outstanding Chinese troupes, which can illustrate the rich tradition, fineness and diversity of Chinese culture; and a galaxy of exciting Chinese programmes are presented. Building on the strength of our being a place where Chinese and Western cultures interact, we also encourage cultural exchange activities.


The CP Section believes in the power of arts and culture to enrich and better people's lives. Arts allow us to explore new horizons and rejuvenate. Arts enhance the quality of our lives, inspire us to be more tolerant, open and creative in meeting challenges. It is our aim to provide for an environment in which the pursuit of artistic and cultural enrichment is a part of the everyday lifestyle of the people of Hong Kong.
Striving hard to place arts and culture at the heart of people's lives, CP Section aspires to become more responsive and proactive as the ardent public promoter of arts and culture to help transforming to a creativity-drive, competitive and humane society.


Promoting Hong Kong's cosmopolitan image

by programming strategically distinctive, diverse and challenging cultural programmes so as to serve the plural needs and aspirations of the community and keep them abreast of the international cultural scene.

Cultivating cultural literacy

by providing more arts education programmes for schools and the community and to raise particularly young people's cultural literacy and foster creativity so as to solve problems and meet challenges proactively and resourcefully.

Nurturing and supporting local artists

by supporting both the established and budding local artists to strive for excellence and enhance cultural heritage.

Enhancing understanding of Chinese culture

by showcasing outstanding Chinese performing artists and troupes from the mainland and other places with a view to preserving Chinese cultural heritage and their contemporary manifestation.

Fostering cultural exchange

by collaborating with cultural organizations and institutions from around the world in the organization of cultural exchange activities to foster mutual understanding.


Creative programming

Strategic and innovative packaging of thematic series to respond and challenge the tastes and expectations of old and new audience, enhance marketing impact, as well as to create a regular pattern to build up brand names and help to develop the audience base. Series planned for 12/13 include Encore Series, Nan Lian Garden Chinese Music Series, Guangdong Music Series, Re-run Run Shows and Boundless Multi-Media Series, etc...There was also the Chinese Opera Festival 2012.

Intensified arts education and audience building

Reaching, building and educating audience by means of continuing arts exposure and education programmes targeted at both school and community levels such as 'School Culture Day Scheme', 'Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme', 'School Arts Animateur Scheme' as well as pre and post-performance talks, demonstrations and master classes to arouse interest in the arts and make in-depth pursuit.

Strategic mix of diversified presentations

Ranging from top-notch world renowned artists to popular family entertainment and budding local groups with an aim to balance the renowned and the new; the elite and the popular as well as to cater for different tastes.

Platform for showcasing distinctive Chinese arts

Riding on the close tie between Hong Kong and the Mainland, CP Section appreciates the opportunity to help revive and preserve Chinese cultural heritage by bringing in and commissioning Chinese programmes so as to emerge as a solid platform for showcasing Chinese arts and culture.

Building international cultural ties

Maintaining close collaboration with various cultural institutes and consulate offices in Hong Kong in the organization of spectacular events such as the Le French May.

Invitation of Artists Proposals

The Department recognizes that it has a role in the development of the arts in Hong Kong. It presents established as well as upcoming local artists and groups, and thus provides performance opportunities for artists to showcase their work. We also welcome programme proposals. Please visit our website for the procedure of submitting programme proposals.

Programme and Development Committee (PDC) / Art Form Panel (AFP)

Upon the recommendation of The Committee on Performing Arts, a Programme and Development Committee (PDC) supported by six Art Form Panels (AFP) was established. The term of office is until 31 October 2016. The Programme and Development Committee (PDC) and Art Form Panels (AFP) are tasked to advise LCSD on the strategies of performing arts programmes (locals, Mainland and overseas), formulate structured and sustainable strategies in identifying and supporting the development of budding and small-scale performing arts groups.


CP Section is composed of 3 offices, each taking care of different disciplines and headed by experienced and professionally trained arts administrators. The 3 offices are:

Music Programmes Office
Enquiries: (852) 2268 7321
Fax: (852) 2366 2762

Dance and Multi-arts Office
Enquiries: (852) 2268 7323
Fax: (852) 2371 3519

Theatre & Chinese Opera Office
Enquiries: (852) 2268 7325
Fax: (852) 2741 2658

Address:  Podium, Administration Building, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Office Hours:  8:45 am to 1:00 pm
2:00 pm to 6:00pm
From Monday to Friday
(Except public holidays)

If you have any general views on our cultural programmes, please write to us by email: cp2@lcsd.gov.hk or by fax: (852) 2721 2019.

Financial Figures and Attendance for 2015/16

Expenditure (HK$)
Salaries: $31,081,871.59
Administration Costs: $8,217,912.31
Direct Production Cost: $77,582,409.63
Publicity: $11,560,122.04
Total: $128,442,315.57

Revenue (HK$)
Total: $25,142,587.99

Total: 384,915