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Guideline to Participants

All events are divided into three groups. The details are as follows:
Group A: Organisations with 300 or more employees in Hong Kong
Group B: Organisations with less than 300 employees in Hong Kong
Group C: Government departments (no restriction on the number of employees)



Awards will be given to the top four winners (i.e. the champion, the first, second and third runners-up) of each group in each event.


Moreover, an award will be given to the overall champion of each group. The top four winning organisations of each group will gain fixed points in each event. The organisation accumulating the highest points from all events in its group will be awarded the Overall Championship Trophy for the Corporate Games 2012 in the respective group (For details, please refer to the Scoring Method for the Overall Champion).

Entry Fees

The entry fee for a team event is *$500 for each organisation.
Team events include: Basketball, Volleyball, 7-a-side Mini-Soccer and 11-a-side Soccer
The entry fee for an individual event is *$300 for each organisation.
Individual events include: Athletics, Badminton, Distance Run,
Indoor Rowing, Snooker, Swimming,
Table Tennis, Tennis and Tenpin Bowling

(* The fees include the entry fees of individual events and divisional events in the same competition.)


Interested organisations (may be required to produce relevant supporting documents such as Business Registration Certificate) in the name of head office and the government departments are welcome to take part in the competition.
A participant should be an employee aged 15 or above who has been working continuously for an organisation for 4 weeks or more, for at least 18 hours each week and is still being employed by the same organisation during the competition period.
Each participant can only represent one organisation. A participant may represent another organisation provided that he or she has resigned from the previous organisation and has been working continuously for the current employer for 4 weeks or more for at least 18 hours each week and is still being employed by the current organisation when the first match of the competition takes place.
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