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Learning to sail for the first time is a great fun! Racing or cruising in foamy waves is even more fantastic! All of the sailing training courses to be organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department will be taught by qualified and experienced instructors. It does not matter whether you want to have a taste of sailing, enhance techniques, or emerge as a good racer, as the courses will suit your needs. Upon completion of the courses, you will be awarded the relevant qualifications, with which you may hire a wide range of craft at our Centres, including Topper, Pico, H12.2, Wanderer, Laser XD, 420, Magno, 2000, Cat14, Dart16 and RS500. Sailing is a sport of fun, and you surely will enjoy getting wet!

Introduction to Sailing Training (Level 1) (2-day course)

Our standard teaching boats, "International Topper" and "Pico", are the typical boats for beginners. Through the course, you will learn the basic boat handling techniques, essential background knowledge and safety code. This is a preparatory course for the Sailing Basic Skills Training.

Sailing Basic Skills Training (Level 2) (4-day course)

You will learn the basic sailing and manoeuvre techniques as a helmsman and crew members of double-handed boats, as well as the sailing theory and knowledge. The Certificate will be awarded to those who can competently sail a dinghy on his/her own under light wind conditions. Its holder may hire specific crafts for practice and enrol in advanced training courses.

Sailing Helmsman Clinic (Pico / Wanderer / H12.2) (1-day course)

This course is for those holders of the Hong Kong Sailing Federation (HKSF)’s Level 2 Basic Skills Certificate or the Sailing Basic Skills Competency Record issued by the LCSD, offering a chance for participants to further enhance their understanding of various craft, broaden their knowledge of different dinghies and review seamanship skills.

Sailing Race Clinic (2-day course)

Once you are confident of sailing your dinghy competently, the next step is to learn to race. This course introduces general racing rules, techniques and tactics, while conducting mock races to test your sailing skills.

Sailing Improving Techniques Training (Level 3) (5-day course)

Suitable for those who aspire to sharpen boat-handling and seamanship skills, this course makes good use of the facilities and natural environments of the Centres such as channels, offering a chance for participants to learn more advanced sailing skills and theories, including rope work, sailing backwards, reefing afloat and the International Rules for the Prevention of Collision at Sea.

Laser XD Helmsman (2-day course)

Once having grasped the basic sailing skills, you may then experience the excitement of sailing a performance dinghy. This course introduces the performance and characteristics of Laser XD dinghies, teaching the skills and techniques involved in handling the boats. Upon completion of the course with full attendance, you may hire Laser dinghies for practice.

Spinnakers Training (Magno / 2000 / 420) (2-day course)

This course aims to teach how to sail an asymmetrical gennaker or symmetrical spinnaker, including their preparation and uses. The theories will cover apparent wind sailing. Those who have completed the course with full attendance may hire relevant dinghies for practice. Those who wish to hire 420 shall also hold a full attendance record of the Trapeze Technique Training course.

Trapeze Technique Training (2-day course)

This course introduces the performances and characteristics of those high performance dinghies with trapezes, teaching the proper skills and techniques for sailing the dinghies, including the set-up of trapezes, trapezing skills and boat tuning. Those who have completed the course with full attendance and a full attendance record of the Spinnakers Training course (420) may hire 420 dinghies for practice.

420 Tuning Clinic (1-day course)

This course further enhances the participants’ understanding of 420 dinghies, teaching how to bring their various parts including spreaders, mailsails, jibs, spinnaker settings and rig tension up to optimal conditions.

Day Sailing Training (4-day course)

Participants will plan and have dinghy excursions under safe conditions, while learning practical application skills by means of land-based sessions.

Go Racing Training (5-day course)

This course covers all of the essential theories related to dinghy racing, while holding mock races to boost the participants’ confidence. The course covers such aspects as racing rules, boat-tuning, starting, practical sessions and tactics, etc..

Introduction to Multihulls (Cat 14 / Dart 16) (2-day course)

This course introduces the performance and characteristics of catamaran, enhancing the participants’ understanding of the basic sailing techniques and theories related to catamaran. The course covers such aspects as boat preparation and basic trapezing skills. Those who have completed this course will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to enrol in Multihulls Helmsman courses.

Multihulls Helmsman (Cat 14 / Dart 16) (2-day course)

This course will teach the advanced sailing techniques related to catamaran. Experienced instructors will teach how to maintain stability and remind the participants of the essential maneuvering skills when sailing catamaran at high speed, including those skills involved in trapezing, coming alongside the boat, crew overboard recovery (MOB) and catamaran races. Those who have completed the course and passed the assessment may hire catamaran for practice.

Sailing Advanced Skills Training Course (4-day course)

This course teaches the advanced skills among dinghy certificate schemes, requiring all participants to have a broad background knowledge of sailing, excellent standard of boat-handling and good seamanship skills under strong wind conditions to qualify for enrolment. It is designed to introduce the standards required, providing technical sessions to enable participants to improve their various skills such as boat-handling, sailing without a rudder, sailing without a dagger board/centreboard, seamanship, as well as dingy maintenance.

Introduction to RS500 (2-day course)

This course introduces the sails, accessories, performance and characteristics of relevant craft, teaching the skills and techniques involved in handling the craft, including tacking, gybing, launching and recovery, trapezing, tuning of devices, as well as capsize recovery.

RS500 Helmsman (2-day course)

This refresher course enables the participants to review the skills involved in rigging dinghies and tuning their devices; consolidate the skills they acquired during introductory courses; as well as sail a triangular course, covering such techniques as sailing upwind and downwind, trapezing, picking up a mooring and coming alongside a boat, conducting man overboard recovery, as well as righting capsized craft.

Sailing Trip (Pico / Topper / Wanderer / H12.2) (1-day course)

Having an excursion to beautiful islands and bays in Tolo Channel, Long Harbour, Rocky Harbour and the southern waters of Hong Kong Island with a dinghy is fantastic. You may sail without hindrance from conventional means of transport.

Sailing Trip (Laser XD / Magno / 2000 / 420 / Catamaran) (1-day course)

Thanks to specific dinghies, sailors can enjoy a day of sailing with various craft, while appreciating the beautiful natural environment along coastlines.

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