Hygiene Advice


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To ensure a desirable swimming environment, your cooperation is needed to help keep public swimming pools clean and hygienic. Please observe the following when visiting public swimming pools:
Hygiene Advice 1 When you are inside the pool area, please keep the changing room and toilet clean and tidy.
Hygiene Advice 2 DO NOT spit, litter, eat, drink or smoke.
Hygiene Advice 3 Before you enter the pool deck area,
make sure you put on a proper and clean swimming suit.
If you prefer to wear a T-shirt while swimming,
bring along a clean white T-shirt to put on in the changing room.
Hygiene Advice 4 Please wash your body thoroughly in the changing room.
Hygiene Advice 5 Please walk through the shower bath and footbath containing chlorinated water and rinse your body to remove dirt.
Hygiene Advice 6 Please only bring in clean clothing and personal belongings to the pool deck area.
Hygiene Advice 7 On the pool deck area, do not wear shoes/slippers that are worn outside the pool complex. If necessary, please bring along another pair of clean slippers, scrub the bases against a mat provided inside the changing room and spray thoroughly with water to remove any dirt. Wear your slippers to walk through the footbath and enter the pool deck.
Hygiene Advice 8 Beach is likely to be polluted during and after heavy rain. Bathers are advised not to swim at beach for three days after heavy rainfall.
Hygiene Advice 9 Bathers are advised not to swim at beach where water quality is classified as "Grade 4 - Very Poor" according to the information provided by Environmental Protection Department.