The Garden is a Chinese style theme park characterised by the traditional 'pai lou' (gateway) design. A series of 'pai lou', beginning with the Moon Gateway, divide the long, narrow garden plot into different courtyards. The courtyards are flanked on one side by a row of about 50 trees and on the other by bird stalls where bird traders and fanciers can meet and share their fun and experience.

Other notable architectural features of the Garden include granite pavement, glazed bamboo-shaped ceramic roof tiles that bounce off different hues of sunlight, and carvings of many species of bird on some 200 marble screens mounted on the perimeter walls. The most impressive feature is perhaps the giant mural carving at the Boundary Street entrance depicting over 100 birds.

With its ideal location, elegant design and concentration of stalls selling pet birds and related commodities, the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden has become a rendezvous for bird fanciers and a place of interest for Hong Kong people as well as tourists.

Chinese style theme park

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden