FAQs on admission arrangements for visit to Nan Lian Garden

Q1. Do I need a ticket to enter the garden?
A1. Nan Lian Garden opens daily from 7am to 9pm and admission is free of charge. Crowd management measures will be implemented when too many visitors arrive at the same time. Such measures are expected to be necessary when the garden first opens. To avoid visitors queuing for a long time outside the garden, admission tickets will be distributed for them to return later in the day for the visit.
  1. A specified quantity of admission tickets for the day will be distributed outside the entrance to the garden and at the Nan Lian Garden service counter at Exit C2 of Diamond Hill MTR station from 8am. Tickets are free of charge and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Groups of more than 20 people* should make prior appointments for any visit. Applications should reach the garden office via email (info@nlgarden.org) or fax ((852) 3658-9424) at least five working days before the date of the visit.

* Groups should not be more than 200 people.
Q2. Can I get the ticket beforehand?
A2. The garden is open daily and admission is free. So tickets will not be distributed beforehand. However, crowd management measures will be implemented when there are too many visitors waiting outside the garden.

It is expected that the crowd management measures will be implemented when the garden first opens (particularly on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

Too many groups visiting the garden at the same time will exert pressure on the flow of visitors and traffic. Any public or private organisations, including travel agencies, arranging for group visits of over 20 people should make an appointment with the garden office by fax (3658 9424) or email (info@nlgarden.org) at least five working days before the visit. Admission is not guaranteed for groups without appointments.
Q3. Will the crowd management measures ensure that every visitor gets a ticket?
A3. The garden can accommodate 1,000 people at a time. To ensure orderly visits, a specified number of tickets will be distributed daily. When all the tickets are distributed, the garden will inform the public through appropriate channels (e.g., through the media and announcements at MTR stations).
Q4. Do you encourage visitors to collect tickets early in the morning on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays?
A4. The garden is designed for quiet leisure activities. It will be a permanent facility open to the public so there is no need to rush to visit the garden shortly after the opening.
Q5. How many tickets can each person get after the crowd management measures are implemented?
A5. Depending on the real situation, the garden management will try to facilitate members of the public accordingly.
Q6. Is there any restriction on the amount of time visitors can spend in the garden?
A6. The garden opens from 7am to 9pm daily. As space is limited, visitors will be encouraged to follow a one-way touring route. When necessary, garden ambassadors will appeal to visitors to be considerate and not to cause congestion at vantage points.
Q7. Are there any car parking facilities at the garden?
A7. The garden only provides limited parking spaces for coaches (maximum 16), people with disabilities and venue hirers (maximum 5). Members of the public are advised to use public transportation. Coaches for group visitors without prior appointment may not be allowed to drop off passengers. Please refer to the website (www.lcsd.gov.hk) for information on public transportation.
Q8. Does the garden provide a smoking zone?
A8. The garden is smoke-free since it has many valuable trees and timber structures.
Q9. Are there any food and beverage facilities in the garden?
A9. There is a kiosk, a vegetarian restaurant and a teahouse for visitors. To keep the environment clean, visitors are not allowed to eat outside these areas.
Q10. Will guided tours be provided?
A10. Garden ambassadors will encourage visitors to follow a one-way touring route to view the Tang Dynasty-style wooden structures , special rocks, old and valuable trees,water features and bridges.
Q11. Is there any dress code when visiting the Garden?
A11. The Garden is for appreciation of garden scenery.  Visitors are requested not to wear graduation gowns, wedding gowns, or other similar costumes, which would disturb the serene ambience of the Garden.