Concessionary Rates for Non-profit Organisations Scheme

Concessionary rates are applicable to applicant who fulfills all criteria below:
 (1) The applicant should either be:
(a)    a bona-fide non-profit-making district organisation supported by the District Office of the Home Affairs Department; or
(b)    a non-profit-making organisation
         (i)      registered under the Societies Ordinance; or
         (ii)     incorporated under the Companies Ordinance; or
         (iii)    formed by Statute; or
         (iv)    registered on the list of approved charitable institutions or trusts of a public character;

and have acquired a non-profit making status at least twelve (12) months before the first day of the event with application for concessionary rates. The memorandum (if any) and articles of association or the constitution of the applicant must include a clause specifying that members do not take any share of the profits or any share of the assets upon dissolution.

 (2) An applicant who co-presents the function with any organisation which does not meet the criteria as an eligible applicant under Item (1) above is not eligible for the concessionary rates.
 (3) The function should be open to the public, except for rehearsals linked with a public performance.
 (4) In the case of performance venues, the function should be in furtherance of performing arts which include dance, music, drama, film art or theatrical performance of any kind. In the case of lecture and exhibition venues, the concessionary rates may apply for cultural, scientific, literary or visual arts functions.  Visual arts include painting, calligraphy, photography, sculpture, print, ceramics, floral and cinematography display.
 (5) Concessionary rates are not applicable to bookings made outside normal booking hours of the venue [Theatre: 9am–11pm; Cultural Activities Hall (for exhibition): 9am–8pm, Cultural Activities Hall (for performance and other function): 9am–11pm; Lecture Room, Dance Practice Room, Art Studios and Music Practice Room: 9am–10pm] and miscellaneous charges.
 (6) If a booking is eligible for concessionary rates and the applicant is a non-profit-making arts organisation with a clearly stated aim to promote the arts in its constitution, a 65% reduction on “Charges Based on Sales”, if applicable, will be provided.
 (7) For charitable fund-raising event organised by an applicant eligible for concessionary rates, the applicant can opt for a waiver of the “Charges Based on Sales” and pay the full basic hire charges at normal rates.  In such case, a confirmation letter issued by the charitable institution(s) that will accept the raised funds has to be provided.  The said charitable institution(s) must be registered on the list of approved charitable institutions or trusts of a public character.