Procedure for Registration

  1. Participants who have completed the "Briefing on Proper Ways to Use Fitness Equipment" and passed the assessment organised by LCSD, participants who have completed the "Fitness (Multi-gym) Training Courses" organised by LCSD from May 2006 onwards with 80% or higher attendance rate, and holders of LCSD Fitness Gold Card will automatically be registered as Users of LCSD Fitness Rooms. Individuals aged below 18 should obtain the written consent of their parents/guardians prior to registration.

  2. For individuals with equivalent qualifications recognized by the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China, they are required to apply for registration.

    Applicants should return the completed application form (LCS 777) together with a copy of the supporting document of relevant qualification to any LCSD sports centre for registration. At the time of registration, applicants must produce their identity documents (either the original or the copy) for verification.