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* Environmental Report 2007
Environment Report 2009
Chapter 1 - Introduction and Controlling Officer's Profile of Key Responsibilities
Chapter 2 - Environmental Goal and Policy
Chapter 3 - Environmental Management, Performance Analysis and Targets/ Milestones
Chapter 4 - Towards a Quality Future
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Chapter 2 - Environmental Goal and Policy

Environmental Goal

2.1Our environmental goal is to improve our living environment and to enrich the quality of life of our community by providing a wide range of leisure and cultural facilities and activities throughout the territory. We take into account environmental considerations from project inception to management/operation to minimise pollution, conserve resources, protect the natural environment and promote the appreciation of the beauty of our environment.

Environmental Policy

2.2In meeting our goal, we are committed to -

promoting greening and horticulture;
preserving assets of our heritage;
providing aesthetically pleasing open space;
practising waste reduction and energy saving; and
minimising air and noise pollution in organising leisure and cultural activities.



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