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Public Relations and Publicity

The role of the Information and Public Relations Section (IPRS) is to promote and disseminate information about the department’s services, facilities and programmes. During the year, the IPRS issued 2 263 press releases and organised 37 press conferences and media briefings.

A media tour of the newly-built Hong Kong Velodrome.

A media tour of the newly-built Hong Kong Velodrome.

The IPRS is also responsible for planning and implementing the department's promotional campaigns, and provides public relations support for major events. In addition, the IPRS provides creative support and photographic services for publications and publicity materials such as posters, outdoor displays, exhibitions, and Announcements in the Public Interest made on television or radio.

During the year, the IPRS publicised a number of major events, including the 4th Hong Kong Games and the Legends of the Giant Dinosaurs exhibition. These publicity efforts were effective in enhancing community involvement, and reinforcing the department's professional image.

Major publications produced by the IPRS included an e-version of the department’s Annual Report, outlining our activities and achievements, and a quarterly Staff Newsletter for the department’s 9 613 staff members.

The department’s website provides comprehensive information about our many services and facilities, as well as about the leisure and cultural programmes being run. Publications, application forms and tender notices are also available from the website. The site attracted 640 065 158 page views in 2013-14, ranking it fourth among all Hong Kong government websites. Weekly highlights of major activities were emailed direct to 200 300 subscribers in the form of an e-magazine.

An Emergency Information Centre, operated by the IPRS, keeps the public informed about the status of LCSD programmes and activities in the event of typhoons and other emergencies.