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"Hong Kong is uniquely placed to bring together the cultures of China and the West. In the City Hall we hope to see performances of music and drama, and exhibitions of arts connected with literature and painting both Chinese and Western, for the benefit of all who live in Hong Kong of whatever race."
- Sir Robert Black, then Governor of Hong Kong,
at the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of the City Hall in February, 1960 -
The Hong Kong City Hall, opened in 1962, is turning 50 in 2012. The purpose of the City Hall has indeed been richly carried through year upon year. Fifty crowded years have not only buried, once and for all, the myth of a Hong Kong deficient in culture, but also have helped produce a whole new generation of lovers of music, dance, drama, films, literature and paintings. It has continued to welcome genius and talent from distant lands and Hong Kong’s own.

Over the past 50 years, the City Hall has drawn together the people of Hong Kong into an integrated community. Having stood by the people through good times and bad, the City Hall is not
only a sacred place in artists’ eyes but also a place that forms part of the collective memories of the city. It will continue to serve, in the time to come, as a source of inspiration for the artists, contributing to the continual and many-faceted development of the arts in Hong Kong.

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