Leisure and Cultural Services Department

  • Pui O Campsite
  • Chong Hing Water Sports Centre
  • Butterfly Beach Park Camping Site

    Subvented Non-government Organization Camps/Centres

  • Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Y's Men-YMCA Wong Yi Chau Youth Camp
  • Hong Kong Playground Association Silvermine Bay Outdoor Recreation Camp
  • Scout Association of Hong Kong Tai Tam Scout Centre
  • Scout Association of Hong Kong Tung Tsz Scout Centre
  • Scout Association of Hong Kong Pak Sha Wan Tam Wah Ching Sea Activities Centre

    Other web-sites of Non-Government Organization providing tent camping services

  • Hong Kong Girl Guides Association Pok Hong Campsite
  • Scout Association of Hong Kong Shatin Scout Centre
  • Scout Association of Hong Kong Gilwell Campsite
  • Hong Kong Playground Association Tung Chung Outdoor Recreation Camp
  • YMCA of Hong Kong Lamma Island Outdoor Centre
  • Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Ma Tso Lung Campsite

    Campsites designated by the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department

  • Lau Shui Heung Campsite
  • Shui Long Wo Campsite
  • Hok Tau Campsite
  • Ngong Ping Campsite (Ma On Shan)
  • Chung Pui Campsite
  • Tung Lung Chau Campsite
  • Sam A Chung Campsite
  • Lead Mine Pass Campsite
  • Tung Ping Chau Campsite
  • Rotary Club Campsite
  • Wan Tsai Peninsula South Campsite
  • Twisk Campsite
  • Wan Tsai Peninsula West Campsite
  • Ho Pui Campsite
  • Cheung Sheung Campsite
  • Tin Fu Tsai Campsite
  • Hau Tong Kai Campsite
  • Nam Shan Campsite
  • Tai Tan Campsite
  • Pak Fu Tin Campsite
  • Wong Shek Campsite
  • Shap Long Campsite
  • Pak Tam Au Campsite
  • Lo Kei Wan Campsite
  • Luk Wu Campsite
  • Shek Lam Chau Campsite
  • Sai Wan Campsite
  • Tai Long Wan Campsite
  • Long Ke Wan Campsite
  • Kau Ling Chung Campsite
  • Pak Lap Campsite
  • Man Cheung Po Campsite
  • Yuen Ng Fan (Nam Fung Wan) Campsite
  • Nga Ying Kok Campsite
  • Po Kwu Wan Campsite
  • Tsin Yue Wan Campsite
  • Yee Ting Campsite
  • Ngong Ping Campsite (Lantau)