Junior Windsurfing


The Centres have purchased the junior windsurfing boards specially designed for youngsters. Since the boards are extra short and wide, they are stable and very suitable for use by children. Moreover, the sail measures only from 2 to 2.5 square metres and is made of extra light materials. Even youngsters with smaller build can handle it easily and fully enjoy the pleasure of windsurfing.

The windsurfing training programme includes Windsurfing Discovery (Junior) Training Course, Basic (Junior) Windsurfing Training Course and Basic (Junior) Windsurfing Clinic.  Juniors who are beginners in windsurfing should start from the two-day Windsurfing Discovery (Junior) Training Course to learn the basic skills through various interesting activities.

After completing the Windsurfing Discovery (Junior) Training Course, participants can take the Basic (Junior) Windsurfing Training Course to learn the board handling skills in different sailing directions.

The Basic (Junior) Windsurfing Clinic is specially designed for juniors who have completed the Basic (Junior) Windsurfing Training Course. Participants can learn to improve their windsurfing skills through this course.

Please refer to the Monthly Windsurfing Programmes for details.
Junior Windsurfing 1
Junior Windsurfing 2