Senna siamea (syn. Cassia siamea)


OVT Registration No:ArchSD CW/30
Botanical Name:Senna siamea (syn. Cassia siamea)
Common Name:Kassod Tree

Kassod Tree is an evergreen deciduous tree native to Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, south India and Sri Lanka. 

The wood of Kassod Tree is hard and durable.  Decay resistant and humidity tolerant, the heartwood is free from termites or other insect attack and is suitable for construction, carving, making of furniture and musical instruments.  The leaves can be used as medicine to relieve diarrhoea while the roots can be used to make insect repellent.  The bark, leaves and fruits contain tannin and thus can produce tannin extract.

This tree has a height of 20 m, a DBH of about 1 180 mm and a crown spread of about 12 m.

Location: Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, facing a side entrance at Albany Road

Photo :

Senna siamea Senna siamea Senna siamea Senna siamea
Araucaria heterophylla