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With an enrolment of about 4,400 trainees between the age of 6 and 23 in over 800 classes, the scheme offers beginners to grade 8 level training in more than 30 musical instruments (western and Chinese) as well as musicianship for young people to develop their interest and potential in music. Trainees would attend a one-hour group lesson every week including teaching, record of homework, instrument preparation, tuning and packing at an assigned music centre.

This scheme, which comprises 3 independent courses of training in more than 30 Western and Chinese musical instruments and musicianship, namely, a two-year Elementary Course, a three-year Intermediate Course, and a three-year Advanced Course, is open to young people between the age of 6 and 23. 2024/25 Annual tuition fees HK$2,596 for Elementary Course (E-1 & E2), HK$4,048 for Intermediate Course (I-1 to I-3) and  HK$5,170 for Advanced Course (A-1 to A-3), are payable in 4 instalments.

Recruitment for 2024/25 Instrumental Music Training Scheme

Intermediate Year One (I-1) & Advanced Year One (A-1) Courses

(Application closed on 17 May 2024, links to information for applicants’ use only)

Recruitment (I-1 & A-1)
  • The Intermediate & Advanced Instrumental Courses are three-year training programmes, complete with musicianship and music theory training. Young instrumentalists of suitable standards are welcome to apply.
  • Trainees would attend weekly one-hour group lessons including teaching, record of homework, instrument preparation, tuning and packing at an assigned music centre.
  • Annual Tuition fees, respectively HK$4,048 for the Intermediate, and HK$5,170 for the Advanced Courses, are to be paid in 4 installments.


Note : Recruitment for Elementary Year-1 courses will commence on 5 July 2024


Recruitment for Elementary Year One (E-1) Courses

  • Two-year elementary instrumental music training courses complete with musicianship training, suitable for young people aged 6-14 (as at 1 September of current year) with no instrumental experience on the selected instrument and with different age requirements set for different instruments.
  • 2024/25 Recruitment will be held from 5 July to 5 August, with classes commencing in November. The recruitment pamphlet can be downloaded here during the application period.
  • FAQ

Statistics from past recruitments have reflected a higher admission rate for the following instrumental classes: Viola, Double Bass, Suona, Sheng, Zhongruan, Percussion (Chinese), Cello (Chinese Music), Double Bass (Chinese Music), Bassoon, French Horn, Trombone and Euphonium.

Applicants may refer to the admission statistics for the instruments in 2023/24 [For reference only]


Qualified Intermediate Year-1(I-1) and Advanced Year-1(A-1) Courses applicants will be invited to attend an audition. Qualified applicants for Elementary Year-1 (Beginners) Course will be invited to attend an admission test which comprises a music aptitude test and an interview.

All classes are conducted in Cantonese at a designated music centre. Weekly one-hour group lessons including teaching, record of homework, instrument preparation, tuning and packing. Trainees are required to attend an annual internal assessment for evaluation of progress.

All trainees must be equipped with their own instruments, with the exception of a few bulky instruments –harp, double bass, tuba and bulky percussion instruments that can be loaned for class and practice at Music Office music centres. The following instruments -- alto saxophone, horn, trombone, oboe, bassoon, euphonium/baritone and tuba are also available for loan at a quarterly fee of $324 to Elementary Course trainees.

Telephone No. : 3842 7765