Outreach Music Interest Courses (OIC)


What are OIC?

The OIC aim at providing short-term fundamental music training for people of different ages. The courses are divided into two categories, namely Workshop Series and Instrumental Classes. The former includes Music Creativity Series, Teacher Series, Music Experience Series, and Family Series, while the latter mainly concerns the teaching of Chinese and western musical instruments. All instrumental classes offer two levels of foundation courses. Foundation I is suitable for beginners, while Foundation II is designed for those who have completed Foundation I or have acquired all the techniques taught at Foundation I.


When will the OIC be held and the recruitment take place?

The OIC, each lasting for five months, are conducted twice every year from March to July and from September to January. Recruitment takes place in January and July.


What is the mode of classes of the OIC?

Instrumental classes are conducted in the form of a small group with no more than 10 trainees. Each class meets once a week for a one-hour session. There are altogether 20 sessions throughout the five-month course.


Is there any age restriction for applicants?

Most of the courses are suitable for adults and youngsters aged six or above. Anyone interested in the courses and meets the age requirements as specified in the prospectus may apply. No interview or audition is required.


Are trainees required to bring their own musical instruments to class?

Trainees are required to bring their own musical instruments to class. No musical instruments will be on loan for the courses.


What are the course fees?

The course fee for Instrumental Classes is HK$1,030. As for Workshop Series, it ranges from HK$205 to HK$970.Successful applicants are required to pay the course fee in full in advance.


Where will the courses be conducted?

The courses will be conducted at various places across the territory including the civic centres, town halls, and theatres managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the music centres of the Music Office.